49-53/365 - I Knew You Were Trouble.

It's been forever since I updated but I haven't been on my Macbook properly since Wednesday morning, so haven't been able to actually do anything. Apologies.

The past few days' I've been enjoying clean sheets and playing Candy Crush, though it's frustrating as hell. Currently stuck on level 65 (pictured). It makes me more angry than Angry Birds.

I started doing Slimming World properly this year. I put it off since moving since I didn't want to go on my own but my Auntie's going with me. Which is great because we're encouraging each other along the way. I'm currently planning my weekly meals out as I have a habit of buying too much fruit and veg and it going to waste. So hopefully this way I can stop that from happening. I'm really excited and in a better place this year to be able to do it.

I've been eyeing an orangey coral ombre jumper up in Sainsbury's for a while now. I know ombre is still a big thing at the moment but I deliberately bought it in one of my goal sizes. It seems to be a thing that buying clothes smaller than what you are is deemed as a sin when dieting eating healthy. But it's just so beautiful, my photo doesn't do it justice. I don't even care that ombre will no doubt be out but the time I can fit in to it because it looks amazing!