54-58/365 - If You Dare Come A Little Closer.

I've been enjoying the past two days off work before I do 9 in a row. I didn't realise it'd worked out like that, I was just saying yes to all the overtime whilst it was there. I've spent the afternoon scheduling some posts for the next week.

I've been doing Slimming World for a week now and I have weigh in this evening (fingers crossed). I love that I've been able to eat lots of things I usually eat like fresh fruit, veg, pasta and baked potatoes. I think I'll be posting on it more at some point but I'm currently really loving it and feeling really motivated. Hopefully tonight will bring something good out of it.

I'm currently catching up with BBC's 'Penguins - A Spy In The Huddle'. It's so blimming cute! I really want a penguin.

Is it nearly spring yet? I am so done with having to wear an extra outfit under my work uniform because the heating is broken, and it feels like a freezer.

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