February Favourites.

This month has been absolutely freezing! I shall be glad when the warmer weather starts creeping in. I've been wearing the same sort of makeup most of the time so I didn't have too many colourful bits this month.

Here's what I've been loving this past few weeks!

Avon - Sleep Therapy Pillow Mist
I've had a little trouble settling recently. I can be tired as anything but still not able to drift off. I forgot about this little gem and have recently started using it again. It really helps to feel more relaxed at bed time and has been a great help.

The Body Shop - Body Lotion - Watermelon
Another thing in my collection that I'd forgotten about. I love anything melon scented so I had to have it. This was released a couple of years ago with some other retro bits and whichever sold the most would be kept. I stocked up on a few of these just incase and I was right to. It didn't stick around but I love it. It's freshly scented and light on the skin but still hydrates me perfectly.

No7 - Beautifully Matte Foundation - Calico
I've really been loving this foundation since I got it. I find that if I don't have time for full makeup as long as I apply some of this, I can still feel confident in the way I look. I really hate my natural skin so a little bit of this is perfect. It blends in easily and lasts throughout the day.

Caudalie - Eaux Fraices - Thé Des Vignes*
I received this generous sample in a Glossybox last year. I never usually like the perfume samples but this one I really liked it. It's a very light, spring like fragrance and whenever I wear it I always get compliments on it.

M.A.C - Lipstick - Rebel
This was something that seemed to be overlooked by other lippies in my collection. It's a vampy shade and I definitely prefer my bright pinks but this is the perfect berry wine shade that everyone loves wearing over A/W. With the colder weather I've been making the most out of wearing this.

Bed Head - Candy Fixations - Mega Whip Hair Texturizer
Since having my hair cut shorter I've been able to style a little better. This Mega Whip is a cream based product that smells delightful and has a light hold. Once set I can still restyle if I feel the need to and it'll still stay in place. Finished off with a little hair spray it helps keep my hair styled and in place.

Batiste - Dry Shampoo - Tropical
Dry shampoo is something I think everyone needs in their stash. There are so many times when I go to sleep of an evening and my hair is fine but when I awake it looks awful. This is the perfect remedy to remove excess oil and bide you some time until you can wash it properly.

That's what I've been using most days lately. Granted not the most interesting selection but all products I really rate.

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