Life Via Instagram #9.

It's been quite a little while since I did an Instagram post. I got so focused on my 365 after Christmas that I didn't think of compiling one. I haven't been using my Instagram a whole ton either lately. For no reason at all I just feel like I'm a bit boring at the moment.

Either way I thought I'd post a small update.

Homemade Chinese was amazing // late lunch on the go // one of my favourite makeup looks recently.
London face // a place full of wonder - London (Harrods) // a cheeky snap with C before I hopped on the train home.
Cute Valentine's Glossybox and a new M.A.C 266 // cherry and apple cider // my first time trying Philosophy.

Please do feel free to follow me @bicky_ I will hopefully feel inspired to start posting more again soon.

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