Models Own Ice Neon Collection.

It won't be long before the blogosphere is awash with post on summer collections.

I let out a bit of an excited squeal when this arrived in my inbox yesterday. I love neon brights and I love the imagery!

The ICE NEON collection! The only way to keep fluoro really bright is to KEEP IT COLD! We've packed this collection in specially-designed frosted bottles that you should keep refrigerated to protect the intense fluoro colour from fading. These on-trend neon shades bring summer alive with fluoro flavour, bold and bright.

I have numerous fluro neons. So I'll be interested to see how the pink, green and yellow hold up against them. The coral looks interesting. I'm not sure about the purple though. China Glaze, O.P.I and other brands always seem to add a purple into neon collections but it's never actually a neon colour but we shall see.

I'm not sure I'm buying the possible fading though. I have some of China Glaze's Poolside collection which came out 3 years ago, I've never refrigerated them and they are still as retina searing as ever.

£5 / 14ml

Where to buy:
Models Own Bottleshop (Westfield London, White City) (from March 9th)
Online (from March 20th, available to preorder from March 1st)
Boots (from March 22nd)

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