Weekend Wishlist #6.

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Moleskine Pocket Notebook - I have the S Note app on my phone and it's great for on the go note keeping especially if you don't have a pen handy. I use it for blog posts, 365 ideas and how many litres my Water Bobble's filtered so I know when to buy a new one. But nothing beats hand written notes.

M.A.C Archie's Girls Brush Kit - I recently had one of those terrifying moments when you lean over to get something, put your hand down to steady yourself, hear a snap and you don't want to look at what you've done. I broke my M.A.C 266 in half. AKA the only brush I can do my brows with. I've currently glued and taped it back together until I can get a new one.
The Archie's Girls collection from M.A.C isn't really appealing to me besides the brush set. The brushes have none of the logo on it (which is what I dislike) but they have super cute handles. I know the special edition brush sets aren't as good quality as they're mass made rather than hand made but these are too cute!

M.A.C Large Pro Palette - I've been dying to get one of these for ages. My old palette is full up (even after taking the insert tray out of it) and it's looking a bit worse for wear now. These new palettes have a clear top so you can see exactly what's in your palette without having to go through and open up every single one. They've been constantly sold out online since they came out but hopefully I can pick one up in London next week.

M.A.C Viva Glam Nicki 2 Lipstick - Due for release next month, this lavender lippie is calling my name. I still don't have the original Viva Glam Nicki, though I should probably change that before it's too late. But from swatches I've seen this looks opaque and a perfect lilac colouring. My favourite!

FitBit One - I can't remember how I came across this fab little invention but it's amazing. It's like a pedometer only much much more than that. It tracks sleep, how high you go up (like stairs etc). It syncs with your laptop and mobile to the FitBit app and you can track what you're eating. You just pop it on your waist for the day and around your wrist when you sleep. It even wakes you up in the morning! It's great at helping you reach your goals and to stay motivated.

M.A.C The Stylish Brow Collection - I've been using the HD Brow powder for quite sometime now but I don't see the point in buying a quad and only using one of the shades from it. I may pick up the brunette duo from this collection and the 'Fluidline Gelcreme'. 

Thomas Sabo Charm Bracelet & Peace Charm - I love charm bracelets. I love the fact you can switch them up and personalise them to your tastes. That way you don't have something the exact same as many other people. This a nice little idea because the bracelet isn't super chunky. The charms are a fairly good price too. I especially love this little peace charm. 

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