Headmasters Colour Brilliance Glossing Serum.

I've never been one to jump on the hair oil wagon. I think it's partially down to the fact that my hair can get greasy quickly as I have to use my hands a lot to style it, and partially down to the fact that the term 'oil' scares me a little bit. I feel much more comfortable with serums.

What www.headmasters.com says:
This lightweight formula helps control frizz and flyaways for ultra smooth shiny hair. Containing Argan Oil and Vitamin E, this serum coats the hair to instantly smooth and detangle.

Shiny hair is something I always desire. When I had long black hair it was super glossy but the lighter your hair colour, the less reflective it becomes.

The Colour Brilliance serum* is perfect for combatting this. After washing my hair I apply my heat protectant serum, dry and style. Before apply any holding product or hair spray I pop a little bit of this on and it leaves my hair feeling soft and looking more glossy. It isn't as shiny as if I was to use this on darker hair but I can definitely see somewhat of a difference between using it and not.

I'm set in my ways and feel like serum is something that I'll always use. I really love this and will be repurchasing if I ever finish the bottle.

£5.99 / 50ml

Where to buy:
Select Headmasters salons and Tesco

Currently on offer at Tesco for £3 until March 11.

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