Lush Each Peach (And Two's A Pair) Massage Bar.

Massage bars are something I've tried a few times from Lush. I wasn't a fan of the Strawberry Feels Forever and the Heavanilli was ok, I have it in a box somewhere. My all time favourite that I used to use on a religious basis was the Glitterbug but they ended up retiring it.

I was plenty surprised when I was gifted this little beauty at Christmas from my Aunty. She has good taste, clearly!

What says:
Fruity bar that will leave you feeling just peachy

A lovely rich massage bar with beautiful fruit oils.

With this massage bar, we have combined cocoa butter, shea butter, avocado butter and mango kernal butter. Which means this is not just very emollient and moisturising for the skin, but will give a good slip when it is being worked over the body.

The fruit oils not only give a lovely lighthearted fragrance that smells of summer and sun - grapefruit essential oil, sweet wild orange oil, lime oil and mandarin essential oil all fight depression, uplift the mind and clear your thoughts.

Lighthearted and frivolous oils in serious butters – Each Peach is a massage that makes you feel fruity and energised.

Named after the children’s book Each Peach Pear Plum.

We work with our spa massage therapists to find the exact blend that best suits our massage bars. We like to give a range of bars that provide different types of feels on the skin, everything from a rich heavy blend to lighter, dryer blends. But all of them need to go on the skin easily and glide well – so that your skin is not dragged and so it is easier for massaging. Our bars may look simple, but the formulas are finely crafted and honed to perfection.

Upon first unwrapping this and opening the tin, the scent made me instantly want to eat it. It might smell delightful but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't taste as good.

It has a mouthwateringly juicy citrus scent to it from the fruit oils it's packed with. It's wonderful, definitely more of a scent to perk you up rather than relax you.

With massage bars I love that they are a solid product rather then rubbing into your skin then realising you don't have enough and having to get some more. The whole thing is right there in your hand, melting on skin contact.

With first use they tend to take a little bit of warming up but rubbing them between your hands soon speeds that up. That's why it's a good idea to get the massage bar tins. They need to stay somewhere cool else you run the risk of them melting (I've made that mistake before).

After using this my skin is smooth and hydrated but not at oily, it sinks in quickly and you aren't left with a tacky feeling.

Overall I really like this bar and I'm glad it was bought for me because I've tended not to look at the bars lately. But I cannot stop sniffing it, it's that good! I find them really great value because the last for ages, even with constant use.

£5.60 / 65g
£2.95 / tin

Where to buy:
Online and Lush stores

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