Weekly Weigh In #1.

I recently restarted doing Slimming World (EE) properly a couple of weeks ago now. It took me a little while to get into it and I kept putting it off because I'm still getting used to being in a totally new place. Going into something like that on your own can be really quite intimidating. But my auntie/godmummy decided to come with me and we're doing it together.

I had wanted to posted about this when I started doing it but I was a little unsure. Weight loss is something that can really divide people. They either want to read it because they're in the same position or they don't want to see it at all, or so I find anyway.

Nevertheless I figured I would post weekly updates, without going into loads of detail. Purely for anyone that's doing the same and a little bit because it keeps me going and I'm really proud of myself so far.

My first week went really well. It was right after I got paid so I had lots of money for fresh fruit and veg (doesn't that just cost a ton though? WHY?).

I find that when I buy fresh stuff, I'll buy so much of it that a lot of veggies start going rubbish before I have time to eat them. I've been planning out my main meals for the week so I know what to get in and I find that's helped me waste a lot less, if anything at all.

Breakfast was the one thing that I knew I was going to find hard. I hate eating as soon as I get up but I've forced myself into waking up that little bit earlier, getting ready and then eating. I've found myself mostly consuming fruit with yogurt and occasionally a HiFi bar if I don't have any plans for any other HEXB for the rest of the day.

Work lunches are usually some form of protein and a sweet leaf salad with either extra light mayo or free french dressing.

Dinners have been consisting of protein along with lots of free foods such as noodles, pasta, potatoes and lots of different vegetables.

I've found I've snacked a lot less because I've been filling up on main meals, unless I'm at work. I always eat whenever I have a break because I find I need something to keep me going. I've been enjoying free foods such as fruit, 0% fruit yogurts, Sainsbury's version of Quavers (4 syns) and light Babybels.

For my HEX's I usually have 3 light Babybels, occasionally 40g of fat reduced grated cheese or 2 light Philadelphia tubs. I don't drink milk at all so I'm glad I can have some form of cheese each day. For my HEXB I tend to have a HiFi (or 2 if they're light), 3 multigrain Ryvita or 2 pieces of wholemeal bread.

As everyone seems to say, I've never ate so much in my life.

Weigh in day for me is Wednesday and for my first week I didn't think I was going to so great. During the day I felt I had a lot of water weight and I feared that would effect any loss I had. Clearly I was worrying other nothing as I lost half a stone in my first week. I know this isn't something that's going to happen every single week but I couldn't believe it. I'm in a new stone bracket and I have my half stone award already!

I'm not so sure how this next week will be but we shall see. I've stuck to the plan completely but I just feel a bit 'fat'. Stupid, I know.

Bit of a long post, I swear it won't be like this every week but I just had lots to share this time around.

If you're also following the plan, do feel free to follow me on Twitter and Instagram. I'm really enjoying the latter for meal inspiration at the moment.

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