Weekly Weigh In #2.

I'm currently a week behind on these postings. Hopefully I should catch that up soon though.

This week wasn't the best for me. I personally thought I'd done really well but a mixture of too much work/lack of sleep and not enough free foods meant I paid the price on the scales.

I went to the pub to watch the game last Tuesday with family and did well only having diet cokes. Until the end of the evening ... When I did have a double vodka. That's the only day since I started that I've been over my syns. I thought because I'd been under the rest of the week it might balance out. But it was the evening before weigh in and I definitely felt like all that sweetener left me bloated.

During that week I had a bucket load of grapes. All fruit is free but I've since read online that too many bananas and grapes and slow your weight loss because of the super high sugar content. In the book they're neither a speed or superspeed fruit.

I also don't have much of a kitchen. Everything bar the sink is packed in a box in the living room. It's getting beyond a joke now, it's been like it for 3 weeks now and it shows no signs of going pack to normal anytime soon.

I was pretty gutted when I got on the scales to find I'd only lost one pound. My consultant said it might be because I had such a big loss the first week, my body is trying to balance it out.

I spent the rest of the evening telling myself it was not a gain or maintain and for that reason I should be grateful. But also because it's 8lb not 1.

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