Weekly Weigh In #3.

Sorry for the influx of these posts recently. I swear it will only be one week, I've just been trying to catch up.

Last Sunday lots of the family went to my Nan's for a mothering Sunday roast. Roast 'tatoes cooked in oil and an abundance of homemade Yorkshire puds. But lots and lots of veg and taking my own dessert helped balance it out.  I'd planned ahead for it and saved some of my syns for the few days before.

When I got home that night I felt really rubbish and tired and ended up having a little binge on some chocolate. I felt even worse after I'd done it and was determined I was going to put on everyday after that, so I was not looking forward to weigh in.

2lbs off though, which really shocked me. Bringing me to 10 in a total of 3 weeks. I'm really proud of that. Especially as I'm putting good stuff into my body and it's all yummy stuff I like. I find myself sometimes craving chocolate after a bad day or when I'm tired. But for the most part, during the day I find myself wanting to fill myself up with fruit. I ended up eating a whole ton of melon and pineapple at work the other day and actually had a 'food baby' afterwards. So satisfying!

Hopefully I can get 2 for this week and 2 the week after, bringing me to my first stone.

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