89-94/365 - Can We Go Thrift Shopping?

Isn't it fabulous having lighter evenings now the clocks have changed? Of course but the lack of hour on Sunday has messed me up all week.

I'm trying to fit in lots of overtime in for IMATS, before I'm off for a week at the start of May. That's also not helping me sleep any better.

I wasn't too happy with either of the middle pictures of this post but what can you do? It's still a photo a day, even if I wasn't happy with those two.

I finally got round to redoing my awful roots and refreshing the red a little bit. I usually get one person at work tell me they love my hair. Since redoing it I've had a ton more compliments. Lovely!

I've also been enjoying painting my nails a lot lately. Hence the two polish pictures (by accident). Hopefully I'll be able to swatch some of my new purchases soon. :)

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