95-100/365 - I Should Be Over All The Butterflies.

Ooops. Been a little overdue on the 365 posts. I've barely had time to edit the photos, let alone sitting down to a write a post. Hopefully the overtime should ease up soon.

The weather is so nice lately. The bright early mornings and long drawn out evenings are delightful and much better for photo ops. There's still a hint of winter crisp in the air and the odd unpredictable April shower but spring is certainly here and I am beyond glad. After the freezing winter, I will hold my hands up and say I will do my very best to not moan at how hot it gets because I welcome it more than the cold.

Paramore's 4th studio, self titled album dropped last week and I was so stoked for it! I've not listened to a single thing since. It's so so good. There seems to be a massive divide between the fans either loving or hating it. I think it's a lot more mature than previous releases and I can't stop singing along. So pleased for them that it got to number 1! Very well deserved. Especially as the band was apparently going to fail without the Farro's.

I really can't think of a way to close this. Other than the fact I know beauty related posts are a little thin on the ground this week. I had planned to schedule some up for the weekend but I just haven't had the time.