Blistex Intensive Moisturiser.

Something I've found I need to switch up occasionally is my choice in lip balm. I can find something that'll work really great for me but a month or so down the line it's just not working as well as it once did.

I recently picked this up whilst I was out all day as my lips were getting dry and I needed to get something on them.

What says:
A long-lasting daily moisturiser bursting with ingredients to rehydrate your lips intensively. Shea butter for conditioning, allantoin for deep-down protection and camphor for that soothing touch.

This is a lovely little balm. If you can even call it that? It's a white cream, scented with mint. Other lip products I've tried can feel sticky, wet or thick on the lips. This is like none of those. In fact it's like nothing I've tried before.

The tube comes with a slanted applicator so you just squeeze a little out and massage all over the lips.

I've definitely noticed a difference since using it. My lips haven't been dry at all and I really like using it. Definitely a staple of mine. It's a good price and you only need to use the tiniest amount.

£2.59 / 5g

Where to buy:
Boots and Sainsbury's