Carex Antibacterial Hand Wash - Chocolate Orange.

I know this isn't one of the more regular products I review but I had to blog about this, because it's just delicious!

I am a bit ok a lot of a freak when it comes to hand cleanliness and bacteria. I go through hand wash like it's going out of fashion. So when I saw numerous posting about this on Instagram I knew I had to get my hands on some.

Carex recently bought out two new fragrances aimed at helping encourage little ones to wash their hands. Strawberry Laces which I tried to start with (can be seen in this post). I wasn't super fond of the fragrance to start with but as I used it more, it really grew on me.

The second fragrance is bar the best - Chocolate Orange. It smells amazing, perfect, just like a Terry's Chocolate Orange. Many times I've come so very close to licking it because it smells delicious, almost good enough to eat. Though I'm pretty sure it wouldn't taste as nice.

I can't stop giving it a cheeky sniff every so often, right as I type this review. I'm glad I stocked up on this recently whilst it was on offer as it's become a firm favourite in my bathroom. It's absolutely perfect. I'd choose it over clinical soap scents any day!

£1.84 / 250ml

Where to buy:
Sainsbury's and Tesco

Currently just 92p at Sainsbury's until May 7

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