Kallo Rice & Corn Cakes.

Not too long ago I had an email of a different kind pop into my inbox. One asking me if I wanted to try Kallo's new spring rice cake flavours*. I've always been a Snack A Jack girl so was up for seeing if these would sway me.

The new flavours are 'blueberry and vanilla' and 'caramel'.

I wasn't a fan of the blueberry ones so I passed them along to my dad and asked instead for his opinion. He said they reminded him of Rainbow Drops (I don't like those either) and that he thought they were really delicious.

I opted for the caramel ones. They are a little thinner than it's Snack A Jack counterpart and weighing in a little less on the calorie front. These are 40 calories each where as SAJ's are 50. If you're doing Slimming World, that half a syn can make all the difference.

I love these. They aren't overly sweet or stick but along with some tea or a glass of water, they are super filling. I've only had them plain but I've heard of people topping them with yogurt and fruit.

These are currently available nationwide from Tesco at just £1.69 a packet.

They're definitely worth a try if you want to try something different. I will be buying these caramel ones but I will still be SAJ's, namely the salt and vinegar ones. I love those!