Weekly Weigh In #5.

Something I've learnt to do when stepping on the scales is psyching myself up for the worst possible outcome. Every week I get on and prepare myself for a gain. It seems kind of silly but it means that if nothing changes, I'm half prepared.

When I do get on the scales, it always comes as a total shock to see the numbers slowly going down.

5lb off this week! I was not expecting that at all. 2 or 3 is what I usually expect as a loss.

I'm really pleased with how my journey is going. The end is nowhere in sight but that's not stopping me. Each week the numbers are changing for the better and if I hadn't of started this, I'd still be nearly 1.5st heavier then I am currently. 

I'm hoping for 2lbs this week, giving me my 1.5st award.

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