Weekly Weigh In #6.

So the weekend before last was Easter (if you didn't know) and on the Sunday I went paintballing with some work friends. I had no control over what I ate that day, as I was out for most of it and someone else was doing lunch for everyone. The eating facilities at Delta Force leave a lot to be desired. Pizza, chocolate and high sugar fizzy drinks was all they had to offer, so that was a total no go.

Usually I plan in advance and can food optimise the best I can. For example I saved up syns for the roast dinner I had at my nan's for Mothers Day and took along my own dessert. In theory I should have said I was going to take my own lunch, but never mind. White bread, full fat cheese, crisps, chocolate and cola were what I had to have.

After that I tried to superspeed the best I could. Even though I usually eat melons and strawberries on a daily basis. I fully expected a gain but with it only being half a pound, I am more than happy with that. As my dad said, if I had to gain anything at all at least it was only the tiniest amount. In the grand scheme of things half a pound is not all that much when I look at how much I've lost in just six weeks of changing what I eat.

I know where the gain came from and can move on from it. If I'd have followed the plan 100% all week and gained then of course things would be a little different. Most people in group had either a gain or maintain for this week but it was Easter so hey!

Onwards and upwards this week. I'll be on plan 100% and look forward to (hopefully) a loss. I'd really like 2.5 off to get me back under where I was and give me my 1.5st certificate.

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