Weekly Weigh In #7.

I was really going for 2.5 off this week but my 1.5st award, which I feel like I've been banging on about for weeks now, shall have to wait till (hopefully) next week. But I was glad to get a loss after lasts week little blip.

I took before photos and I took some again a few days ago and I can already see a massive difference. This is something, for now, that I'll be keeping to myself.

I think when you look and see something everyday you don't notice and appreciate the small changes. I honestly can't see much of a difference when I'm wearing clothes, besides the fact my work uniform is a lot looser. All things take time after all but it's nice to be able to see the difference in photos.

An 'opportunity' has come up and it's something with both a positive and (possibly) negative outcome. I'm not entirely certain if I plan on taking it up yet but we shall see closer to the time.