Graze - The Good Breakfast Club.

It wasn't long ago when Graze boxes used to be all the rage with bloggers. It gave you a little dose of healthy snacks, delivered right to your door.

They've introduced a currently 'secret' good breakfast club and I was lucky enough to get my hands on a box through their website. I got this for free using someone else's code and you can gain entry to the club with my code as it's currently invite only. What's better is you get your first breakfast box free! Plus you're not obligated to stay subscribed so can cancel after your freebie, if you'd like.

They've currently introduced 8 new porridge flavours -
Apple and cinnamon with honey
Blackcurrant and cranberry with honey
Cherry and almond with honey
Walnut and pecan with honey
Coconut and date with yogurt coated seeds
Hazelnut and flame raisins with yogurt coated seeds
Fig and blueberry
Blueberry and ligonberry

These punnets aren't available in the regular nibble boxes. They're currently exclusive to the breakfast box. If you only like the sound of one flavour, you'll just get sent a box with all 4 punnets the same. If you have select that you like more than 4, you'll get a different selection each time.

They're super easy to make. Pop the oats in a bowl and measure out your choice of milk or water with the punnet, depending on the consistency you prefer and pop it in the microwave for 2 minutes on full.

I haven't yet tried these but they look really nice. Though they're not the best syn wise if you're on Slimming World, like I am.

Claim your free breakfast box at with the code MVC6L32. Enjoy!