New In: 2st Treats.

A couple of weeks ago I hit another slimming milestone. My 2st award! It's still unreal to me that I've lost that much because I can't see where it's vanished from.

Anyway. I picked up some bedsheets, a new quilt and a couple of pillows from Tesco Direct. I'd been wanting these cute polkaheart sheets since around the end of January. Whilst they were already fairly cheap, it was even better getting them when they had 25% almost all the home things.

It makes such a nice change to not be sleeping under a pancake for a quilt. Plus it's definitely helping me sleep more undisturbed through the night.

As that's not the most interesting thing to have as a treat, I picked up the Naked Basics palette. I've wanted this since it was released and I was supposed to order it for my birthday. But I never got round to doing so.

Often when I do a vampy lip and a nice thick winged liner, I feel it would look so much more put together if I'd used matte shades. Since I don't have any matte neutrals (bar the 2 in the Naked palette) this is a welcome addition to my stash.

I can't remember the quote exactly but rewarding yourself for good things makes you more likely to want to repeat them!