Out With The Old, In With The New.

There's a whiff of fresh paint in the air, though that's coming from the newly painted bathroom. But my blog has had a bit of a drastic design change.

I've felt so uninspired about how my blog was looking of late and wasn't happy with any changes I made to it. I needed something fresh. Something new. And none of the hassle of messing up the HTML.

I'd been pursuing a premade theme from Dana's (The Wonder Forest) blog shop - Envye. Her custom design blog work (currently on hold for the moment) is utterly amazing but I'm one of those who can't make up their mind with what they want. The 'Chalk It Up' theme really caught my eye and I knew I wanted.

I decided to take the hassle out of installation and got Dana to install it for me as she also offers this as a service.

I couldn't be more happy with how my blog now looks. It's a refreshing change to anything I've had before and I feel more motivated to blog and show my lovely little piece of the net off.

I can't recommend Dana's blog shop enough. It's full of Blogger/Store Envy premade templates, graphics, fonts, clip art and Photoshop effects. Everything to make your site even more personal. Plus she's super helpful answering any questions and helping me fix a few little things. Thank you Dana!