London IMATS 2013 - The Goodies.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll have known it was IMATS this past weekend.

I didn't go to crazy with my purchases. I was quite restrained and a lot of what I bought were things I've wanted for ages, like MUFE but wanted to swatch it in person before buying. 

Want to see the pretties?

 First up, 2 Aqua Rouge lip colours. Number 8, which is inventively named Red and 20 Baby Pink. I swatched pretty much the entire collection on the back of my hand. They weren't easy to remove so that was a big selling point for me.

Something I've been meaning to get for a while is the Aqua Brow. I always fear the rain will wash away my HD Brow powder so this seems like a better alternative.

I also decided to get the much talked about HD Foundation. I got the shade 115 Ivory. It was between this and 110. Whilst 115 is a far better match than any M.A.C foundation, 110 would be a better option for next time.

I've been running dangerously low on M.A.C's Mineralize Skin Finish Natural for quite some time and I can't go without a finishing powder. I much prefer loose powders and this translucent powder from Ben Nye was a total bargain compared to high end alternatives.

I'm really lazy when it comes to brush washing but the London Brush Company Shampoo is amazing. I'll have a review up of it soon because it's seriously so good.

This wasn't something I'd planned on picking up. I hadn't heard much of Naked Cosmetics before the weekend. Mostly because it's impossible to buy it here in the UK. It's mainly a US based brand. These pigment stacks were half the price they were selling them for at lasts years IMATS.

The 'Ivory' stack has a white, along with 5 white duochromes. I'm a sucker for anything with a duochrome finish. After looking at swatches online of these over black especially, I would have so regretted not getting if I hadn't bought them.

I also got the primer to see if it worked any better with loose eyeshadows than a regular pigment.

My first taste of Inglot. There was so many shadows to choose from. I opted for some more versatile shades since I picked up quite a few bright shadows.

Shades are 353, 358, 153, 444, 433 and 504.

My only gripe with Inglot is I prefer shade names over numbers. It's easier to remember if you already have it then. Leanne ended up giving me 444 as she accidentally bought it again, not realising she already had it.

I've got this thing about blue lipstick, even if I have yet to wear it anywhere other than my bedroom. I decided to get one of the Pacific Ocean lippies in 288.

I also picked up a brow powder in 569. I only use one shade out of my HD Brows palette so see no point in repurchasing just for one shade so have been on the lookout for a suitable alternative.

The queue at NYX was ridiculous. 45 minutes wait at least, unless you knew what you wanted. I must be the only blogger who's never used a Jumbo Eye Pencil. I got Milk to pop lightly on the lid to make matte shadows a little more vibrant.

OCC was one of the only stands to not offer any kind of discount. I got the Meta Stained Gloss as these aren't out in the UK yet. No idea when they'll be released. But upon swatching they were a lot more opaque than I expected them to be.

I picked up a Louise Young LY38B which is perfect for precise crease blending.

The other brushes I got were on the recommendation of Leanne. First up is the Royal & Langnickel [R]evolution BX-130. Teamed with Aqua Brow it's a winning combination.

I also got an angled brush from Crown for polish clean up.

When I travel I always end up taking my full size brushes which isn't really practical. I decided on a Royal & Langnickel travel brush set which comes in it's only little brush roll. It was a total bargain and the brushes are soft as anything.

One of the biggest discounts of the weekend was 60% off at NARS. I haven't tried anything from them and the selection they had discounted was mainly colours I wouldn't usually go for.

I picked up the Orgasm Illuminator because I'm really preferring glowy skin over matte lately and it was the only thing I was drawn to.

By far the thing I most wanted out of the weekend was the Sugarpill Pro palette. It contains a massive 12 shades and it's not due for official release until November. Plus it had a special IMATS price so it worked out a really good deal, rather than buying the shadows separately.

I also got a single Bulletproof to finish off my Sugarpill matte shadows collection, it's the only one that's not in the palette.

And last but by no means least, I got the Goldilux pigment. I'm not big on golds  but it's honestly like powdered gold. I couldn't pass it up as I've never seen anything quite like it. Beautiful!

I really wanted Lumi too but the Love Makeup stand didn't have it, shame!

Those are all my IMATS pretties for this year. I don't think it was all that much and I'm really pleased with everything I got.

I did get a little bit bored earlier in the week and worked out that I saved at least £130 thanks to the discounts. Which is great when it's things I really have been meaning to pick up for ages. It makes the wait for them fell all the better.

I will be reviewing and posting looks using these products in the coming weeks so watch out for those.