The London Brush Company - Solid Brush Shampoo.

We're all makeup fiends here, so I think we can all agree that brush washing has to be one of the most monotonus jobs out of them all. But I think I've found something that makes me like brush washing. Oh yes, I said it.

What says:
Our Brush Shampoo is the envy of many brands. Made from a secret recipe, by hand in California from combined vegetable oils, saponified goat milk and essential oil with a touch of tea tree as an anti bacterial, Brush Shampoo cleans and conditions your makeup brushes without chemicals. And because it has no chemical compound and is a solid in a pot, it makes it safe and easy to travel with too.

Cleaning brushes has never been easier, and it's just as well because you MUST keep those brushes clean. Cleaning them 2 - 3 times a week is very important to prevent bacterial build up. Your face sheds around 9 million dead skin cells each day, and a percentage of those embed in your makeup brushes. Combine that with drying makeup and there is a recipe for bacterial growth which can lead to skin irritation. So ladies, CLEAN YOUR BRUSHES. it only takes 5 minutes or less!

I'm not going to lie, I've been getting increasingly lazy with brush washing of late. M.A.C's Brush Cleanser just doesn't cut it. It doesn't give my brushes a deep enough clean and bright shadows can often leave staining behind.

When I read Leanne's review a while ago, I knew I needed it in my life. I forgot about it for a little while until IMATS rolled around and I came across it with quite a decent discount off.

There's few things I can say I absolutely love after one use but this. This. Is. Amazing!

It's so easy to use, just wet your brush under warm water, swish it around in the pot, lather it up in your palm and then rinse and leave to dry. It takes virtually no time at all. I don't have to keep rewashing brushes to get rid of staining. And the best bit is, the brushes you have with the white bristles that never look quite clean again after using, you know the ones I mean. They look brand new! I also find it helps improve drying time by a lot.

It comes in three scents - natural, lavender and lemon. I opted for the lemon as it's a scent I adore. It smells just like Lemony Flutter from Lush.

This product is one thing I cannot rate highly enough. It's expensive, yes but oh so worth it and it's something that will last. You absolutely do need it. Never again will I use anything else.

£22 / 1oz
£30 / 2oz

Where to buy:
Charles Fox, Guru Makeup Emporium and Precious About Makeup