New In: 4st Treats.

It took me a little while to hit the 4 stone mark. I seemed to be hovering around it for ages but I could just never get that little bit extra to tip me over it. I did however, eventually get there.

I've been wanting to get start a little collection of Yankee Candle jars for such a long time time. The only thing that was putting me off was the price. Whilst they are expensive to begin with, they are worth the price. The large jars last such a long time, 100 hours+ burn time. Plus unlike a lot of scented candles, they do actually scent the room. You only have to take the lid off the jar and it strongly scents the room without even lighting it.

From the Halloween collection I picked up the cat tealight holder. I like how it's different from other holders and it's a kitty cat so that was a given that I wanted it.

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