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February Favourites.

This month has been absolutely freezing! I shall be glad when the warmer weather starts creeping in. I've been wearing the same sort of makeup most of the time so I didn't have too many colourful bits this month.

Here's what I've been loving this past few weeks!

Avon - Sleep Therapy Pillow Mist
I've had a little trouble settling recently. I can be tired as anything but still not able to drift off. I forgot about this little gem and have recently started using it again. It really helps to feel more relaxed at bed time and has been a great help.

The Body Shop - Body Lotion - Watermelon
Another thing in my collection that I'd forgotten about. I love anything melon scented so I had to have it. This was released a couple of years ago with some other retro bits and whichever sold the most would be kept. I stocked up on a few of these just incase and I was right to. It didn't stick around but I love it. It's freshly scented and light on the skin but still hydrates me perfectly.

No7 - Beautifully Matte Foundation - Calico
I've really been loving this foundation since I got it. I find that if I don't have time for full makeup as long as I apply some of this, I can still feel confident in the way I look. I really hate my natural skin so a little bit of this is perfect. It blends in easily and lasts throughout the day.

Caudalie - Eaux Fraices - Thé Des Vignes*
I received this generous sample in a Glossybox last year. I never usually like the perfume samples but this one I really liked it. It's a very light, spring like fragrance and whenever I wear it I always get compliments on it.

M.A.C - Lipstick - Rebel
This was something that seemed to be overlooked by other lippies in my collection. It's a vampy shade and I definitely prefer my bright pinks but this is the perfect berry wine shade that everyone loves wearing over A/W. With the colder weather I've been making the most out of wearing this.

Bed Head - Candy Fixations - Mega Whip Hair Texturizer
Since having my hair cut shorter I've been able to style a little better. This Mega Whip is a cream based product that smells delightful and has a light hold. Once set I can still restyle if I feel the need to and it'll still stay in place. Finished off with a little hair spray it helps keep my hair styled and in place.

Batiste - Dry Shampoo - Tropical
Dry shampoo is something I think everyone needs in their stash. There are so many times when I go to sleep of an evening and my hair is fine but when I awake it looks awful. This is the perfect remedy to remove excess oil and bide you some time until you can wash it properly.

That's what I've been using most days lately. Granted not the most interesting selection but all products I really rate.

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54-58/365 - If You Dare Come A Little Closer.

I've been enjoying the past two days off work before I do 9 in a row. I didn't realise it'd worked out like that, I was just saying yes to all the overtime whilst it was there. I've spent the afternoon scheduling some posts for the next week.

I've been doing Slimming World for a week now and I have weigh in this evening (fingers crossed). I love that I've been able to eat lots of things I usually eat like fresh fruit, veg, pasta and baked potatoes. I think I'll be posting on it more at some point but I'm currently really loving it and feeling really motivated. Hopefully tonight will bring something good out of it.

I'm currently catching up with BBC's 'Penguins - A Spy In The Huddle'. It's so blimming cute! I really want a penguin.

Is it nearly spring yet? I am so done with having to wear an extra outfit under my work uniform because the heating is broken, and it feels like a freezer.

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Everyone Has A Deep Secret.

As stated in my previous post, I've not been around for the last week. A combination of work, sleep and just having other things I needed to do like food shopping and seeing family.

This look is from earlier in the week but I said in my Glossybox post, that I really wanted to try the Micabella pigment with a smokey eye. Since I didn't have a lot of time before I went out that's what I opted for. Quick and easy!

VIVO Perfect Skin Primer.
No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation - Calico.
HD Brows - Dark Brown (Vamp palette)*.
Illamasqua Cream Blush - Sob.
M.A.C Mineralize Skin Finish Natural - Light.

Urban Decay Primer Potion.
Micabella Cosmetics Mineral Eyeshadow - Deep Secrets (all over lid, lower lashline)*.
Urban Decay Eyeshadow - Virgin (brow highlight), Creep (crease).
Dior Blackout Mascara.

M.A.C Lipstick - Viva Glam Gaga.

I'm one of those that most of the time, doesn't know when to leave well alone. I had my eyes looking lovely, even with just the one colour but I thought adding something darker to the crease would make it a little nicer. Nope. I really hated how it looked and tried my best to blend it so it wasn't as visible but what can you do?

Looking at the pictures it isn't all that bad and I highly doubt it was in person. But we're our own worst critics and because it didn't look how I envisioned it, I was a little miffed.

I'm rather liking recently, the way brown and gold tones warm up the colour of my eyes and stop them from looking close to black.


49-53/365 - I Knew You Were Trouble.

It's been forever since I updated but I haven't been on my Macbook properly since Wednesday morning, so haven't been able to actually do anything. Apologies.

The past few days' I've been enjoying clean sheets and playing Candy Crush, though it's frustrating as hell. Currently stuck on level 65 (pictured). It makes me more angry than Angry Birds.

I started doing Slimming World properly this year. I put it off since moving since I didn't want to go on my own but my Auntie's going with me. Which is great because we're encouraging each other along the way. I'm currently planning my weekly meals out as I have a habit of buying too much fruit and veg and it going to waste. So hopefully this way I can stop that from happening. I'm really excited and in a better place this year to be able to do it.

I've been eyeing an orangey coral ombre jumper up in Sainsbury's for a while now. I know ombre is still a big thing at the moment but I deliberately bought it in one of my goal sizes. It seems to be a thing that buying clothes smaller than what you are is deemed as a sin when dieting eating healthy. But it's just so beautiful, my photo doesn't do it justice. I don't even care that ombre will no doubt be out but the time I can fit in to it because it looks amazing!


Philosophy Raspberry Sorbet Shower Gel.

Every since I started trying Lush I haven't used anything else for my bath or shower. It's always good to branch out and try other brands but I'm a bit of a snob and definitely prefer 'premium' bath products, nothing too crazy though.

I've wanted to try Philosophy for such a long time but I've never really read much about it. I was going to try some of the Christmas scents after the holidays as Boots had them on half price but they sold out before I managed to place an order.

I was gifted this lovely addition by the bestie for my birthday. Perfect!

The luscious raspberry sorbet scent is positively refreshing. feel and smell good all over with our shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath. 

Features and benefits:
- World-class, absolutely delicious shower gel
- Gentle enough for everyday use 
- Extra rich and creamy formula

First things first, I adore the little recipes they put on the front. It's something I've only every seen from this brand and I think it's a really nice touch.

The scent to be is quite sweet and fruity but it's got something else in their that I can't quite put my finger on. It gives it a fresh finish without being too sickly and overpowering. Perfect if you aren't a fan of super sweet bath products.

When using this in the bath it lathers up really well with just a little product and tints the water just ever so slightly. The scent isn't as strong as some of the shower gels I've tried from Lush but I know a lot of people don't like them for that reason. This is definitely a lot more subdued.

It does the job and it does it well. All the while looking pretty on the bathroom shelf. The fact that this is a 3 in 1 is also a bonus for those of you prefer multi purpose products. It's perfect for packing when going away, rather than taking multiple different things.

It's made me absolutely want to dabble in this brand a little more. Just glancing at the website I want to try Cinnamon Buns, Coconut Frosting, Vanilla Birthday Cake, Melon Daiquiri and I Love Candy Corn. Yes, I have a shower gel problem. No, I'm not ashamed of it.

£14 / 480ml

Where to buy:
Online, Boots, Harrods and John Lewis

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45 - 48/365 - She Bought A Gun With Her.

I've decided to group my 365 posts together. I didn't really want to but I find they push my beauty related things down the page and I'd prefer they got more views than these sorts of posts.

The past couple of days have been pretty chill besides working a fair bit. I had my last treat before next week - pizza! It was grim though. Such a shame because the few times I've had Pizza Hut in the past it's been amazing but that was eating in.

I depotted my Urban Decay Anniversary palette. I hate big bulky palettes and that one had a lot of unnecessary packaging. I tried depotting it this way but because the casing is hard I had to do it the flat iron way and it stunk because the plastic was pretty chunky. So worth it though, they'll look beaut in my new M.A.C palette.

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Models Own Ice Neon Collection.

It won't be long before the blogosphere is awash with post on summer collections.

I let out a bit of an excited squeal when this arrived in my inbox yesterday. I love neon brights and I love the imagery!

The ICE NEON collection! The only way to keep fluoro really bright is to KEEP IT COLD! We've packed this collection in specially-designed frosted bottles that you should keep refrigerated to protect the intense fluoro colour from fading. These on-trend neon shades bring summer alive with fluoro flavour, bold and bright.

I have numerous fluro neons. So I'll be interested to see how the pink, green and yellow hold up against them. The coral looks interesting. I'm not sure about the purple though. China Glaze, O.P.I and other brands always seem to add a purple into neon collections but it's never actually a neon colour but we shall see.

I'm not sure I'm buying the possible fading though. I have some of China Glaze's Poolside collection which came out 3 years ago, I've never refrigerated them and they are still as retina searing as ever.

£5 / 14ml

Where to buy:
Models Own Bottleshop (Westfield London, White City) (from March 9th)
Online (from March 20th, available to preorder from March 1st)
Boots (from March 22nd)

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Follow Button Issue.

Since I redid my header I hadn't realised that my follow link was broken till just now. How annoying!

If you tried to follow during the last week or so, all should be sorted now and if you click it, it'll open up the follow box in a new tab. :)

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M.A.C Mineralize Skin Finish Natural - Light.

I touched on this lightly in my recent 'January Favourites' post. I've had this powder for quite some time now and since hitting pan on it recently, I thought I'd give you a run down on why I love it.

A luxurious domed face powder with minerals, slowly baked to provide a dimensional yet natural-matte finish. Provides perfect low coverage. Use to set and fix foundation or as a touch-up throughout the day.

If you mention Mineralize Skinfinish to someone, I'm sure they conjure up thoughts of the pretty highlighter types. The natural kind is a no nonsense setting powder.

It's a very finally milled powder that is natural looking without being drying. It helps with shine control through out the day.

I used to use this all over but that was so unnecessary. I switched a while ago to only applying it along my t-zone down to my chin. I also apply a light dusting on top of cream blush to set it. It looks more natural to me to do it that way. It gives a matte finish to the skin without being to flat.

If I don't use this (which is never) I find my t-zone and chin will become incredibly shiny as the day progresses. This is one of those products that for me, lasts all day. When I headed to London I applied it in the morning. I touched up once during the day (after climbing up a mountain of stairs in the Science Museum - how glam!) but upon heading home my skin was still matte and oil free.

It has very low coverage which is a good thing if you're wearing a heavy foundation. It also works well for setting tinted moisturiser as it has just a hint of colour so you're not going to look too cakey applying it over the top.

This is something I definitely recommend if you want something light to set your foundation with. It works brilliantly alongside M.A.C foundations but it works just as well with other brands too. It's one of those products I can see myself buying time and time again. It's been my go to (and only) setting powder since I got it.

£21 / 10g

Where to buy:
All M.A.C locations and online

Beauty Bargains #1.

I'm sure I'm not alone in loving a good bargain when I see one, right? I'm always browsing the Boots website to see what offers they're currently running so I thought I'd start a new series showing you some of the best offers and some of my favourite picks.

I personally prefer Boots to Superdrug but I will be looking at both, along with other sites.


Buy Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk blades (3 pack £8.49) and get the Hydro Silk razor (£9.99) free.

Selected La Roche-Posay is 2 for £15, including Effaclar Duo (£13).

Models Own, BourjoisEylure and Max Factor are all buy one get one half price. Includes Bourjois's new 'Rouge Edition' lipsticks.

10% off across all fragrance.

Soap & Glory skin care and cosmetics, Revlon, Rimmel, Barry M and Orly are all 3 for 2.


L'Oréal cosmetics and Max Factor are 3 for 2.


30% off every department, 10% of beauty and fragrance (February 14th - 17th).

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44/365 - On Film.

Dad sorted through a whole bunch of stuff today that was still packed away from moving. Came across this little gem. Not entirely sure how he came to have. But I think I might give it a clean up, it's in desperate need of one and see if I can find any film for it.

Today I've found myself having a lazy but still productive day. Lots of scheduled blog posts and ideas. Currently painting my toenails (China Glaze - Turned Up Turquoise & Techno) in between making a 'workout' playlist with lots of motivational upbeat music.

Looking forward to this coming for numerous reasons. I'm not entirely sure if I'm going to blog about them but we shall see!

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Glossybox - February.

As Valentine's day is soon approaching, GLossybox bring us the 'feel the love' box*.

Rituals - Magic Touch - Cherry Blossom & Rice Milk
£5 / 70ml
£15 / 200ml
Scented faintly with cherry blossom, this smells so good! It's ultra whipped makes the cream have a light thing texture that sinks into the skin quickly. This contains ingredients that are good for the skin and really help to nourish it and keep it in tip top condition.

Miners - Lip Colour - Dreamer
£3.99 / 4g
The last time I tried Miners was probably when I used to get nail polishes from Claire's when I was at primary school.
This lipstick seems good but the colour and finish doesn't suit me at all. It's a light tan colour with a hint of pink. It looks odd on my colouring and it's packed with micro glitter which make it look very frosty when applied.
Though it goes on easily and has a slightly sweet scent. For the price I expected the typical lipstick smell that nobody likes!

MeMeMe Cosmetics - Beat The Blues - Pearl Pink
£5.50 / 12ml
This is just like Benefit's High Beam, it has the same type of nail polish applicator but a fraction of the price. Comparing them the formula on this seems a little thinner, a touch more pink toned and not as high shine but layering can bring up the opaqueness. I really don't think the differences are that much of a big deal though. It's perfect for dotting along your cheek bones and brows to give you that glowy look.
Compared to High Beam (£18.50 / 13ml) you're getting a super good deal if you can't afford the higher end version.
This is one of the products that will last you forever because you only need the tiniest amount.

Micabella Cosmetics - Mineral Eye Shadow - Deep Secrets
£14.95 / 2.5g
This is a lovely golden brown, very shimmery. Usually not a fan of those sort of colours but I can see this looking amazing in a smokey eye. Whilst it can be used wet, the colour payoff dry is still amazing.
Apparently the formula is waterproof but I'm assuming that's only if you foil it? Who knows.

Figs & Rouge - Lip Balm - Rambling Rose
£3.49 / 8ml
I first tried the Cherry & Vanilla in last April's box. I also went onto pick up the Coco Vanilla. I adore these!
This smells just like you've opened a fresh box of real turkish delight. Which I don't actually like but I love the scent.
These have a very odd texture in the tin. I'm not quite sure how to describe it. Most of the ingredients are oils which melt on contact, you don't need to use a lot and it glides over your lips leaving a glossy finish whilst hydrating them and leaving them super smooth. It can also be used on other dry bits of the body.

Bar the lipstick colour I think this is a rather fabulous little gift to keep your skin feeling good and your make up even better. The perfect balance between skin and makeup, I feel.

£10 (plus p&p) per month
Subscriptions also available with discounts

Where to buy:

Life Via Instagram #9.

It's been quite a little while since I did an Instagram post. I got so focused on my 365 after Christmas that I didn't think of compiling one. I haven't been using my Instagram a whole ton either lately. For no reason at all I just feel like I'm a bit boring at the moment.

Either way I thought I'd post a small update.

Homemade Chinese was amazing // late lunch on the go // one of my favourite makeup looks recently.
London face // a place full of wonder - London (Harrods) // a cheeky snap with C before I hopped on the train home.
Cute Valentine's Glossybox and a new M.A.C 266 // cherry and apple cider // my first time trying Philosophy.

Please do feel free to follow me @bicky_ I will hopefully feel inspired to start posting more again soon.

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43/365 - Ankle Biters.

I rarely take vertical photos. I'm not sure why that is but I just generally prefer horizontal. Perhaps because you can keep the photo large whilst still being able to view it without scrolling. I don't know.

I had a little bit of a lie in this morning and it was delightful. Nothing too crazy but considerably later than the last week and a half.

I headed into town for a little wander. Decided to wear my DM's out properly, for the the first time. I keep wearing them around the house but it's not wearing them in enough. I was fine until the last quater of an hour or so before we left. They started digging right in at the back of the ankles. Despite the blister plasters and two pairs of socks, I'm still left with evidence that my ankles were having none of it But I won't gross you out and go into detail.

I get home a little after lunch and couldn't for the life of me warm up. I didn't wrap up enough to go to town so I was definitely feeling the chill. I ended up spending most of the day keeping warm in bed, with my kitties and watching lots of movies I hadn't seen yet. Plus catching up on blog reading, Tumblr and snapping a few product photos before twilight was upon me.

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42/365 - Cheeky Cherry.

After a long week, yesterday left me feeling like it was Friday. Yippee for two days off!

I was going to have an early night but couldn't settle so I had a little can of cherry and apple cider and watched 'Penguins - Spy In The Huddle' on BBC. I can safely say that whilst I thought they were kinda cute before. I am in love with them and they're a new addition to my favourite animals.

I went to sleep shortly after and had the best sleep I've had all week. Sounds incredibly boring, I know but it was so needed.

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M.A.C Up The Amp Lipstick.

Up The Amp is a lipstick that's been in my collection for quite sometime now but it seems to get overshadowed by other shades. I'm on a mission this year to 'shop my stash' so I'm making use of things that generally don't get so much love.

M.A.C describe this shade as as a lavender violet, though it definitely has a hint of pinkness to it whilst remaining cool toned.

It's an amplified finish and I find with this shade especially, because it's quite deep in colour, application and payoff is a breeze. It's full coverage whilst remaining light and creamy in texture, not at all drying on the lips.

For me it's definitely more of a vampy shade. Because I usually go quite colourful on the eyes I tend to keep lips pink. I can definitely see this working with a thick winged eye and some matte neutrals on the eye.

I could be wrong but this isn't a shade I find a lot of bloggers talking about but if you like purple lips or want to try them, this is perfect for easing you in or adding to your growing collection!

£14 / 3g

Where to buy:
All M.A.C locations and online

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41/365 - Forlorn.

Today has been so dreary. Thankfully I was working all day so it feels much better knowing I'm not missing anything.

There was only me and 6 others in but we managed to have lots of laughs. After tomorrow I have a fairly normal week so can hopefully schedule some more posts.

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40/365 - Chinese Chow Mein.

I haven't been sleeping so well the past couple of nights. Do I ever? After a long day at work I opted for a quick dinner of noodles, broccoli and a touch of chow mein sauce.

I signed up for some more overtime but nothing too crazy. I had a review at work. Can't believe I've been there two months now. Overall they think I'm doing really well and are extremely happy with how I'm doing things and the progress I've made. Which was awesome.

I shall be looking forward to being able to spend a little more next time I head to London with all this overtime pay!

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39/365 - Let's Make This Last Forever.

Friday was the half way point for my 6 day work stint. I know I probably say it a lot but I wish there was an extra hour or two in the day.

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Weekend Wishlist #7.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Clarins Cleansing Milk For Oil Skin - I've been looking to overhaul my skin care routine. I need to start again from scratch and go for something more gentle. This seems like the ideal way to cleanse my skin of a morning and remove my makeup at night.

La Roche-Posay Hydraphase UV - I've slipped a little with wearing UV protection during the day except in makeup products. Some moisturiser I've tried in the past with SPF can be quite oily. This is for sensitive skin so I should imagine it's quite light. Perfect for daytime hydration.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo - Another favourite amongst bloggers. Especially for those prone to breakouts. My skin has been a lot better of late, which I think is down to the amount of water I'm drinking lately. But it's still not perfectly and this helps with the general surface of the skin.

Clarins Exfoliator Brightening Toner - An exfoliator and a toner? All in one? Yep! The skin God that is Mrs Caroline Hirons suggested this to me after telling her all about my skin care problems. It's said this should be used once or twice a week but Caroline says it can be used twice daily. 

Hydraluron Moisture Booster - This seems to be a massive hit amongst bloggers. I will admit the fact it's made with acid put me off but after reading up on it, it's of the good kind. This helps improves your skin hydration. I've been looking for a serum to use but they always baffled me. So many people swear by this as it's for all ages and skin types.

Batiste Vibrant & Red - I love love love Batiste. It is an essential for anyone with unnatural coloured hair as every time you wash it, you wash the colour out. So I tend to wash it twice a week and that's it. Batiste is fab but when it applied it leaves your hair with a white/grey tinge. With my hair being so bright red it doesn't always brush out and I end up having a faded looking tinge to it. This is a new addition to the lineup and looks just perfect for my needs!
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38/365 - These Are The Best Days Of Our Lives.

One of the gifts Callum got me and probably my most favourite. Polaroid magnets!

I absolutely adore things that have a personal touch to them. I made a similar thing for his birthday, a framed photo collage of us.

They're currently stuck on the fridge and the make me smile every time I walk past them. But I plan on putting them up in my room when I finish it as I want to have a photo/memory wall.

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Something A Little Different.

For quite some time now I've been running a Tumblr blog. It started off as a place where I'd post any photos that inspired me or just generally caught my eye. Over recent months it progressed into something I definitely see as a positive place.

The media persists on telling you if you don't do ~this~ or look like ~this~ and ~this~ then you aren't deemed worthy enough for society's standards. I guess it gradually happened after I learnt to accept myself but my Tumblr became a place where I would post inspiring quotes for everyone, something to give them a little confidence boost. Because you are worthy enough.

To this day I get people in my inbox leaving me questions like 'how do you stay so confident?' You have to learn not to give a damn what other people think of you. I know it's easier said than done because I've been in that position but what gives people the right to judge you? Do you think they're perfect? Because they aren't, no one's flawless. You just have to block out the negativity. The number on your clothes label doesn't define you as a person. It's not a scale of how good a person you are but people tend to use it in that way. It seems the lower the number the better you are as a person and that couldn't be less true.

If you want to become confident in yourself, get rid of all the negativity. Is there a friend in your life always making horrible jibes at you? They aren't a proper friend, get rid. Anonymous questions getting you down? Disable them. There are so many ways you can eradicate the hate.

I don't doubt that you will still have the occasional idiot that won't like you and judge you because of how you look. Hell, I still get it now and I'm 24! But everyone has a different idea of what beautiful is. Someone I find absolutely beautiful (Jensen Ackles! ;D), someone else might not like but that's ok because everyone has different tastes. You just have to remember that just because you don't like something doesn't give you the right to tear it down.

This is a quote I always think of when people talk like being fat is the worst thing ever:

Don't insist on trying to be like someone else, or that you wish you were someone else. You are your own person and that's a wonderful thing, embrace it and be whoever you are! If people don't like it, that's just too bad. In past years I always used to try and be quiet and less cheeky but it never worked. I cracked before the end of the day because it's just who I am.

I see a lot of people on Tumblr who think that if they become thin, they'll feel good about themselves. Whilst there might be a slim chance (pun not intended) of that, you need to learn to be happy with yourself however you are.

Confidence doesn't just stem from how you look on the outside. It's inside that head, how your brain thinks and you have to reprogram it into accepting yourself.

I'm not sure exactly what the purpose was to this post and it wasn't meant to focus so heavily on weight, rather all dislikes people have against themselves. I just wanted to let people know that they aren't alone. I see so many people on a daily basis on the various social networks I'm on, feeling rubbish about themselves, the only person that can change your perspective on how you see yourself is you. Instead of focusing on all the negatives, focus on the good stuff. What you've achieved with your life, your favourite bits about you, about your personality, the people that love you for you.

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