L'Oreal Nude Magique Eau De Teint - Porcelain.

For a while now I've been looking for an everyday foundation for work. Something that isn't too heavy but for the most part, still evens out skin tone and covers imperfections.

Over in the US this is actually called something else - Magic Nude Liquid Powder. Why they changed the name seems kind of silly but there we go.

What www.boots.com says:
Unveiling new Nude Magique Eau De Teint Foundation. Perfectly invisible, invisibly perfect.
A new sensation with a lighter than water formula for non greasy zero make up feel.
A new application with perfume-like bottle: shake, pour a drop on fingertip and apply.
A new finish: perfect looking nude finish for even, smoother, healthier looking complexion and enhanced skin texture.

There were numerous things that drew me to this foundation. Firstly the SPF, it might only me an SPF of 18 but a little is better than none at all. Even better if you team it with a primer that also contains an SPF.

It's a lightweight foundation with quite a bit more coverage than a tinted moisturiser. I don't tend to like them due to lack of coverage and also having combination skin, tinted moisturisers seem to make the oily bits look even worse after a couple of hours.

I'm really not a fan of applying foundation with fingers so the first time I applied this I used a brush. It took a lot of work to get an even coverage and even then it didn't look the best. It's also got quite a lot of slip to it, it's incredibly runny so be warned! So I topped it with a little powder just to be on the safe side. I wasn't at all happy with how it looked afterwards so the second time around I changed it up.
I poured a little into the palm of my hand and used my fingers to apply it and really work it into the skin. I did two thin layers to give the coverage I wanted, then I left it to 'set'. After doing it this way I was far happier with the result and it really did look great, much better than the first application. Whilst it didn't cover up major imperfections which were easily erased with a dot of concealer, it got rid of the minor ones and got rid of any redness to the skin.

This foundation is just what I was looking for. It's lightweight, easy and quick to apply and lasts. It's not something I'd wear for a night out or a big event but this is definitely for those days when you don't want to look too made up.

One last thing that definitely makes it a winner for me is that Jane (BBB) is almost certain it's the exact same formula as Armani Maestro, which retails for £38 so this is just a quarter of the price. Definitely worth checking this out if you've been thinking about buying that or even if you buy it regularly. You may be pleasently surprised by what L'Oreal has to offer.

£9.99 / 20ml

Where to buy:
Boots and Superdrug

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