Beautiful Beaded Creations.

Just a quick, little post from me today on something I've been wearing constantly for the past few weeks.

Both my aunties are addicted (and I mean addicted in the sense that I'm sure they need an intervention) to Facebook groups of personalised, handmade bits and pieces.

I noticed one of them wearing a variation of this cute little bracelet and asked where to get it. She asked me to pick a few of my favourite colours and she'd ask the owner of one of the pages to make one for me. I love it and I've been wearing it ever since.

I think these are great as little presents. Since they can be personalised, it's a very thoughtful gift in my opinion. I think it shows a little more thought than going out and buying something that's been made one hundred times over. Not that there's anything wrong with choosing to do that of course.

You can find these and other sparkly goodies on their Facebook page.

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