Yankee Candle Easter 2014.

It's not been all that long since I last made a post about a new addition into my collection from Yankee. But I've had these for quite a few months and thought I would share their goodness, even if it is limited edition. Especially since there's still a few select sites selling them.

This year for Easter, Yankee Candle bought back their beloved 'Bunny Cake' scent. They also introduced a 'White Chocolate Bunnies', the year before it was milk chocolate.

Bunny Cake is described as 'a delicious way to hop into spring ... a sweet treat of sugary coconut, creamy vanilla and bright citrus'.
At first the scent reminds me of the Christmas Snowflake Cookie but not so sweet. Then you get the citrus which stops it from being too much of a festive winter scent.

New addition, White Chocolate Bunnies - 'Everybody’s hopping with joy for this delicious twist on a classic Easter basket treat ... creamy, sweet white chocolate with touch of vanilla'.
Considering this is a chocolatey scent it's not overwhelmingly sickly. It definitely has hints of white chocolate but the creamy vanilla brings something extra to it. It smells delightfully comforting and makes me crave a large cup of white hot chocolate.

If you love sweet scents these are definitely worth checking out. I picked mine up long before Easter from Clinton Cards but these are still available on Yankee Doodle if you wish to purchase them.


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