Sleek Pout Polish - Bare Minimum.

With the ever changing weather of late, I've found my lips in need a moisturising boost. Sleek's Pout Polish in Bare Minimum* has found it's way into my everyday favourites as it helps to combat dryness, whilst giving you a hint of colour.

Pout Polish in Bare Minium is a light nude beige tinted lip conditioning balm that nourishes whilst providing a subtle hint of colour and a natural sheen. Formulated with SPF 15 and natural oils such as almond oil, shea butter and Vitamin E, keeping lips protected and moisture locked in.

I was quite excited to receive this in a Glossybox just a few months ago. Sleek products are really great value and I've yet to try a bad product from them.

This balm has a thin formula, so it doesn't feel heavy on the lips. It feels like you aren't really wearing anything. It comes with a rather artificial sweet scent which is only noticeable in the pot.

I wasn't sure I'd get much wear out of such a muted colour. But I've grown rather attached to it. Bare Minimum is great to throw on if you're wearing little makeup, or even none at all. I also think it would work really well over bright lipsticks to tone it down a little, if you don't feel comfortable wearing them in all their glory. I think the colour is really versatile and it can go with all number of looks.

The only thing I dislike is the design of the pot. They're unhygienic and I just don't like using fingers to apply product but that's my only negative.

Overall this surprised me but I really like using this Pout Polish. 

£4.49 / 10g

Where to buy:
Online, Boots and Superdrug


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