eBay Find: 10 Piece Brush Set.

Something I've been lusting after since forever is the Sigmax 10 brush kit set. But the price $168 (not including shipping) was putting me off ordering.

A couple months ago I started seeing an identical looking set of brushes cropping up on blogs. The best bit being they're a complete eBay steal!

Flat angled kabuki - This is a great brush for applying and blending liquid on the cheeks and for contouring the face.

Angled kabuki - Again, great for contouring the face and blending out bronzer and blush.

Flat kabuki - This was the first brush I tried and it's perfect for stippling on foundation. It gives a wonderful, even coverage and just makes foundation look flawless.

Round kabuki - A great powder foundation. For either setting the face or bringing a touch of colour to the cheeks.

Tapered kabuki - This is the only brush I don't really like. It's just not something I can get on with, perhaps that's just me though.

Precision flat - This is one of my favourite brushes for stippling on liquid concealer, it makes blending effortless.

 Precision flat angled - I quite like this brush for adding a subtle highlight to the tops of the cheekbones.

Precision tapered - This is more of a pencil brush so it's great for smudging out liner, or applying colour to the inner corners of the eyes.

Precision round - This is a great brush for smudging liquid products such as M.A.C Paint Pots and Maybelline Color Tattoos all over the eyelid.

Precision angled - This is a great brush for blending all your eyeshadows together to give a flawless finish.

I was really rather surprised at the quality of these brushes. For just shy of £10, I didn't expect much and told myself if the quality wasn't great at least it wasn't too much money wasted.

These brushes are super soft. They apply both liquid and powder products like a dream. The majority of the face brushes have worked their way into my daily routine. Along with the eye brushes but I like to have numerous different ones on rotation for different things.

I think these brushes are perfect if you're just starting out or you have a low budget. I also find them great for just 'filling' out the rest of my brush collection, so I have extra brushes for when I don't get round to cleaning up my regulars. Lastly, I think they're perfect for having in my makeup bag as I'm not super worried about damaging or losing them.

Prices vary depending on the seller but they're around £9-£12. Definitely worth checking out and I can't recommend them highly enough.

From £9.95

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