Primark False Nails - French.

If there's one thing that never fails to make me feel better about myself, it's getting my nails done. But the maintenance of acrylics every couple of weeks soon racks up. 

Whilst on a break from them I came across the wonder that is Primark falsies. At just £1 a pair, I was left wondering if they could really be that great. Especially since on the high street you can pay anything between £5 - £10 for similar styles that Primark have.

For £1 I decided I didn't really have much to lose, especially since nowadays there's not much you can get for £1.

I decided not to use the glue that was included as I'd been warned it wasn't that great. Instead I opted for a more nail friendly option, some extra strong adhesive tabs from Elegant Touch. Which claim to last up to 7 days if applied correctly.

I applied these a few days before IMATS and they lasted me a full 4 days. Before I did a naughty and picked them off because I was feeling slightly anxious.

They were really easy to apply. I chose the tab that best fit my nail, applied it to the clean nail bed, making sure to firmly press it on. Peeled off the backing and applied the false nail, again making surely to firmly press it on. I experienced no air bubbling or the like. The marks on my ring finger nail are blemishes on my actual nail.

Whilst I don't feel they're as heavy duty as acrylics. I managed to go about my day to day activities without feeling like a nail might pop off at any given moment. There were times when I could feel them give a slight wiggle, as if they were going to lift. But they firmly stayed in place until I took them off.

I had so many compliments on them and no one could believe they were only (as I've said so many times already) £1. I can spend upwards of £25 for a full set of acrylics, and £15 for infills. These are a great option if you like the false nail look but not the price tag it comes with.

I definitely plan on picking up a few more pairs I've had my eye on.

Nails - £1
Adhesive tabs - £2.49

Where to buy:
Nails - Primark
Adhesive tabs - Boots and Superdrug

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