Life Of Late.

Do you ever have those moments where you sit down to write with a subject in mind. But when your hands are hovering over the keyboard, you can't quite find the words to convey what it is you want to write about.
I've felt a little like that, actually a lot. Numerous times over the past couple of weeks I've sat down with good intentions to write a bunch of posts, all the while struggling to put it into words. I can only apologise for the lack of posting, as usual.

Then of course you may take a break for a day or two, which in turn ends up being a week, then a fortnight and so on. Before you know it, quite some time has passed since you posted last and since so much time has passed, it feels even harder to get that 'first' post out.

I feel like I've been running myself into the ground recently. I haven't had any annual leave since January. But since I currently have a week off, I'm finding things to inspire me into writing again.

Watch this space.

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