Kringle Candle - Honeydew Melon.

I will hold my hands up right now and admit I'm a complete candle snob. There's nothing more frustrating than inhaling the scent of a candle, then actually burning and realising it doesn't actually release any fragrance.

Yankee Candle is my ultimate favourite. But Kringle have always piqued my interest with the delicious sounding scents. Even more so when I found out that the creator of Kringle, is the son of the man behind Yankee Candle. Though the brands come from the same family, they are not affiliated in anyway.

What says:
These melons slowly sip up the sun, becoming sweet as bee-gathered honey in the process. Honeydew Melon will fill your rooms with a succulent, cool fruit aroma that’s truly like no other.

I love all things melon. I love eating them, I love the scent but it's really unusual to find things that are purely melon scented. When I came across this on sale at my local garden centre I knew it was about time I tried a Kringle candle.

I believe this actually one of the scents Kringle are unfortunately retiring. The large jars are currently on sale on their online shop for £12.50, just a little more than I paid.

I'm currently burning it as I write this post and have been lighting it most nights for the past fortnight. One of the one plus points of the nights drawing in earlier is snuggling up in candlelight and a room delightful scented.

Like you would expect, Honeydew Melon has a clean, fresh, fruity scent with a subtle sweetness. Even when I've not been burning it I've left the lid off and I get a hint of fragrance every now and then, it's really very lovely.

Kringle large single wick jars have an average burn time of 130 hours. Yankee large jars have an average of 150, so they're quite similar in burn time and price. I trim the wick before each use and it gives a really clean burn.

Overall I'm really pleased with this candle and it's made me want to venture into some of their other scents. They all sound so delicious.

£9.99 (usually £19.99)

Where to buy:

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