Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser - Pampering Honey.

Classing myself as beauty blogger, I probably shouldn't admit to this but I hate moisturising after having a shower or bath. I just hate the whole routine of drying myself, applying moisturiser and feeling like I'm waiting forever for it to dry.

Last year saw everyone going crazy for the Vaseline Spray & Go but that really didn't appeal to me. You still have to rub it in and wait for it to dry.

I recently came across the Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser, again this came out last year but it only really caught my attention recently.

What says:
Quickly absorbed by wet skin. The caring formula leaves you with a silky soft skin feeling when stepping out the shower. There is no need to apply an additional body lotion afterwards.

Suitable for use after shaving and hair removal.

Skin compatibility dermatologically proven.

Free of artificial colours and silicons.

Right off the bat I'm going to say I love this product!

It's so easy to use. Whilst in the shower apply your choice of shower gel and rinse off, then go right in with this. Applying like you would a shower gel, it doesn't lather up but you just massage in and rinse off.

On first use of this I was tempted to use this on half my body only, to really see if I could see a difference. But I can get quite dry skin so I opted out of that one. I had however, been shaving before and my legs always get really dry when doing so. I used this after and I couldn't believe how silky smooth they were.

I opted for the honey scent as I don't like cocoa butter and I thought the original would be a bit plain. The scent is very subtle but it's a nice and inoffensive.

If you tend to skip moisturising after a shower, this is definitely the one for you. It's an extra step in the shower, granted. But you don't have to stand about waiting for it to sink in before you can get dressed, just wash off and dry as normal. Perfect! Definitely something I plan on repurchasing for quite some time.

£3.56 / 250ml

Where to buy:
Boots, Sainsburys and Superdrug

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