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Yankee Candle Easter 2014.

It's not been all that long since I last made a post about a new addition into my collection from Yankee. But I've had these for quite a few months and thought I would share their goodness, even if it is limited edition. Especially since there's still a few select sites selling them.

This year for Easter, Yankee Candle bought back their beloved 'Bunny Cake' scent. They also introduced a 'White Chocolate Bunnies', the year before it was milk chocolate.

Bunny Cake is described as 'a delicious way to hop into spring ... a sweet treat of sugary coconut, creamy vanilla and bright citrus'.
At first the scent reminds me of the Christmas Snowflake Cookie but not so sweet. Then you get the citrus which stops it from being too much of a festive winter scent.

New addition, White Chocolate Bunnies - 'Everybody’s hopping with joy for this delicious twist on a classic Easter basket treat ... creamy, sweet white chocolate with touch of vanilla'.
Considering this is a chocolatey scent it's not overwhelmingly sickly. It definitely has hints of white chocolate but the creamy vanilla brings something extra to it. It smells delightfully comforting and makes me crave a large cup of white hot chocolate.

If you love sweet scents these are definitely worth checking out. I picked mine up long before Easter from Clinton Cards but these are still available on Yankee Doodle if you wish to purchase them.


Where to buy:


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Beautiful Beaded Creations.

Just a quick, little post from me today on something I've been wearing constantly for the past few weeks.

Both my aunties are addicted (and I mean addicted in the sense that I'm sure they need an intervention) to Facebook groups of personalised, handmade bits and pieces.

I noticed one of them wearing a variation of this cute little bracelet and asked where to get it. She asked me to pick a few of my favourite colours and she'd ask the owner of one of the pages to make one for me. I love it and I've been wearing it ever since.

I think these are great as little presents. Since they can be personalised, it's a very thoughtful gift in my opinion. I think it shows a little more thought than going out and buying something that's been made one hundred times over. Not that there's anything wrong with choosing to do that of course.

You can find these and other sparkly goodies on their Facebook page.

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Glossybox - May.

It's that time of the month when a little box (or rather bag, this month) arrives on your doorstep full of surprise goodies.

This month Glossybox have teamed up with Superdrug to not only celebrate 50 years of the iconic high street store. But to also bring you the 'summer beauty edit' box*.

Schwarzkopf Essence Ultîme - Crystal Shine Conditioner
£4.99 / 250ml
Claudia Schiffer helped with the developing of a new line of hair care products, this so happens to be one of them. It peaked my interest and I was curious to try it as it's free from SLS. Which not a lot of hair products are but they can become irritating for me if I use them, so I try my best to make a conscious effort not to.
I haven't tried this as of yet but it smells amazing! It claims to have a zero weight formula with liquidised crystals which gives a boosted shine.

Scholl - Velvet Smooth Overnight Mask
£7.99 / 60ml
Not the most exciting of products but one I can see being popular now sandal weather is about.
Using this before bed you just rub it into your feet like a regular foot cream and skip the socks (I cannot stand wearing socks to bed). It helps stimulate cell regrowth, giving you softer feet in just 24 hours.

Max Factor - Facefinity All Day Primer
£10.99 / 30ml
I'm keen to try this as it contains micro correctors that work to absorb sweat and extend the wear of foundation for a flawless finish.
I've tried a few new primers recently but haven't settled on a favourite. What's even better with this one though is it contains SPF20. I'm hoping it works well so I can have a flawless finish all day and the added sun protection all in one product.

Garnier - Oil Body Lotion
£4.99 / 250ml
Not the biggest fan of sachet products as I find you don't get enough to get a good feel for the product.
I didn't like this much as I found the smell wasn't very nice. It worked well as a lotion but not my cup of tea.

Ghost - Eclipse EDT
£33 / 50ml
I don't believe I've tried any fragrances from Ghost. On reading the notes I wasn't sure I was going to like this but it's quite fruity floral, which is what I prefer. It's a very summery fragrance and I actually quite like it. It's not something I could see myself wearing regularly though.

Rimmel London - Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara
A brand new mascara from Rimmel, their first with an hourglass shaped brush. This helps push the lashes up and out to create a 'false lash' look.
My lashes are really quite rubbish so I can't see it doing much for me but it's worth a try.

B. - Sheer Conditioning Lipstick - Petal
B. is a brand that's a fairly new brand, exclusive to Superdrug so it's only fair they make an appearance.
I was a little apprehensive on first opening this lipstick as Petal looks quite frosty in the bullet. I needn't have worried, upon application it becomes a 'my lips but better' shade. It's not too pink, not too brown. It's a natural looking neutral shade. It contains vitamin E, shea butter and aloe vera so it's really moisturising. And the sheer aspect of it means you don't have to be super precise with application.
Whilst the packaging feels very cheap and isn't the best in terms of quality. It doesn't take up too much space and the contents aren't all that bad.

I really love this box. It's a good mixture of things and the numerous of full sizes is a great bonus.

Definitely one of, if not my favourite of the year so far.

£10 (plus p&p) per month
Subscriptions also available with discounts

Where to buy:

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Yankee Candle - Clean Cotton.

Candles are something I love to surround myself with, especially in the colder months. Yankee Candle has long been my favourite. Their fragrances are superior to any others I've tried.

I tend to favour more sweet, foody scents. But Clean Cotton is something I've wanted for a while.
Sun-dried cotton combined with green notes, white flowers, and a hint of lemon.
It's such a comforting scent. Just like freshly washed bedding.

When I noticed this was the 'fragrance of the month' for May, meaning 25% the Clean Cotton range I decided to pick up the large housewarmer jar. I'm glad to have something a little different from all the sweet scents in my ever expanding collection.


£19.99 (£14.99 throughout May)

Where to buy:
Clinton Cards

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Life Goes On ...

It is with regret that I find myself writing this at silly o'clock, when I can’t sleep - all the while having this strong urge to tidy up (why does that never happen at a reasonable time of the day). Probably not the wisest idea I've had but I'm sure I've done worse things.

Another 'I've been away, here's a comeback' post? *sigh* Yes, yes it is.

Things have been difficult of late. I'm not going to go into detail as it's something that I feel is best shared with those that are very close to me. But I haven't felt myself at all. I let myself become overwhelmed with depression, I let it consume me. The tiniest things play on my mind constantly. They distract me at every moment. They divert my attention elsewhere. They keep me wide awake at night. I’m one of those people that can’t let things go. My mind is constantly plagued with sadness. With happy thoughts that I crave again. With ideas of what I want my future to be like and how I think it will turn out, both drastically different.

In the space of just a couple of months I tried to do the #100happydays project on Instagram, both times I failed miserably. I haven't felt happy for a long time and I thought it'd help but I just felt like I was forcing something that wasn’t coming naturally to me. Trying to do something you don't 'feel' only ends badly.

I haven't been in a good place, there have been a lot of changes and with that comes the downfall of my blog. It’s something I always wish wouldn't happen but I can't bring myself to even think about writing when I'm in that 'place'. Before now, I couldn't tell you the last time I picked up my Canon. I was left feeling uninspired with no desire to write.
As of right now I’m here. I’m hoping it’ll stay that way for quite some time. I think part of the reason I always stop is because I put so much pressure on myself to be consistent. To always upload frequently. I'm here but it’s on my terms. Whilst I'm thankful to my readers, if I don't feel like posting for a week, I need not force myself to and hope you’ll be understanding if I don't.

As of right now I'm trying to take each day as it comes. Trying not to think of the bigger picture and just focus on the here and now. I spend so much time thinking and worrying about the future, when in reality I should just be enjoying the moment as best I can.

You have to keep choosing recovery, over and over and over again. You have to make that choice 5-6 times each day. You have to make that choice even when you really don't want to. It’s not a single choice, and it’s not easy.
- What It Means To Choose Recovery.

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