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Catseye London Kitty Makeup Bag.

For the longest time I've been looking for the perfect makeup bag to keep in my handbag. Generally I just carry my lip colour of choice but I was looking for something so I could carry a few more essentials.

Lately I've seen a few bloggers post about Catseye London makeup and wash bags. On a whim I decided to check out their website and I'm so glad I did. It's full of more than just bags, they're products range from eye masks to note pads and so many things in between.

These products also come in a massive range of prints. Vintage ladies, retro prints, cute animals and city prints, just to name a few.

It wasn't long before I'd found one that grabbed my attention and I knew I had to have it.

What www.catseyelondon.com says:
It’s official: cats are good for your wellbeing. OK, so that means the kind you can stroke, but the Kitten on Hot Pink Make-Up Bag makes us rather happy too.

With its adorable mascot and bright, lively colours, it’s hard to resist this handy little bag. Comes with an inner pocket, for your kitty-tempting catnip!

I'm sure it'll come as no surprise that I opted for one of the kitten prints, this one to be precise.

First thing I noticed upon opening this little parcel was the dustbag it comes in. I think it's a great addition for when you're not using it, to keep it in tip top condition.

Second was the size. It's on the larger side, which isn't a complaint but if you're looking for a bag for just a few pieces, this won't be for you. You can pack a whole lot of goodies into this. Perhaps even enough to take away for an overnight stay. It means I don't have to struggle at trying to play a game of Tetris with trying to fit everything in. Or deciding which items I can live without.

This makeup bag features no lining, the outside of the bag is exactly the same material used in the inside. This is perfect if something leaks, heaven forbid! A quick wipe over and your bag will be just as good as new.

Lastly, the print is just perfect. High quality and full of detail. Perfect for a cat lady like me!

Overall I'm really pleased with this little makeup bag. It's really good quality and the print really stands out compared to other brands. I really recommend checking Catseye out, they have something for everyone I'm sure.


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eBay Find: 10 Piece Brush Set.

Something I've been lusting after since forever is the Sigmax 10 brush kit set. But the price $168 (not including shipping) was putting me off ordering.

A couple months ago I started seeing an identical looking set of brushes cropping up on blogs. The best bit being they're a complete eBay steal!

Flat angled kabuki - This is a great brush for applying and blending liquid on the cheeks and for contouring the face.

Angled kabuki - Again, great for contouring the face and blending out bronzer and blush.

Flat kabuki - This was the first brush I tried and it's perfect for stippling on foundation. It gives a wonderful, even coverage and just makes foundation look flawless.

Round kabuki - A great powder foundation. For either setting the face or bringing a touch of colour to the cheeks.

Tapered kabuki - This is the only brush I don't really like. It's just not something I can get on with, perhaps that's just me though.

Precision flat - This is one of my favourite brushes for stippling on liquid concealer, it makes blending effortless.

 Precision flat angled - I quite like this brush for adding a subtle highlight to the tops of the cheekbones.

Precision tapered - This is more of a pencil brush so it's great for smudging out liner, or applying colour to the inner corners of the eyes.

Precision round - This is a great brush for smudging liquid products such as M.A.C Paint Pots and Maybelline Color Tattoos all over the eyelid.

Precision angled - This is a great brush for blending all your eyeshadows together to give a flawless finish.

I was really rather surprised at the quality of these brushes. For just shy of £10, I didn't expect much and told myself if the quality wasn't great at least it wasn't too much money wasted.

These brushes are super soft. They apply both liquid and powder products like a dream. The majority of the face brushes have worked their way into my daily routine. Along with the eye brushes but I like to have numerous different ones on rotation for different things.

I think these brushes are perfect if you're just starting out or you have a low budget. I also find them great for just 'filling' out the rest of my brush collection, so I have extra brushes for when I don't get round to cleaning up my regulars. Lastly, I think they're perfect for having in my makeup bag as I'm not super worried about damaging or losing them.

Prices vary depending on the seller but they're around £9-£12. Definitely worth checking out and I can't recommend them highly enough.

From £9.95

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Rereview: Lush Dirty Springwash Shower Gel.

Lately when I've been thinking about new blog posts, I realised there are so many awesome products I reviewed in the past but possibly not to my best abilities. So I've taken it upon myself to do some 'rereviews'.

For those who deem these kind of posts as 'lazy', fear not as they won't be extremely regular.

You can view my original review where I first fell in love with this shower gel here.

What www.lush.com says:
A shower gel to leave you feeling minty fresh and alert. Dirty Springwash leaves skin feeling invigorated - perfect after a workout at the gym. Spearmint and menthol create a tingling effect on the skin, and stimulates the mind. Thyme adds a herby note to the fresh scent.

On a trip to Guildford earlier in the week, I knew I had to make a stop by Lush as something was missing from my shower. If there's one thing I can't make it through the summer without, it's this.

This one was originally made for the 'dirty' boys but it's really a universal scent. It's loaded with spearmint oil and menthol crystals to give you that minty fresh scent. I will admit, it is an odd one. But when mixed with it's other ingredients I find that it steers away from the chemically mint scent that mouthwash is renowned for.

One thing I never noticed in the ingredients list before was fine sea salt. This shower gel is completely smooth so it won't irritate sensitive skin. I'm not sure why it's in there but it's definitely not for exfoliating.

There really is nothing better after a hot day than jumping into a lukewarm shower and using this. It would also be perfect to wake you up and get you ready for the day ahead. It really gives you that refreshed clean feeling.
It lathers up with barely any effort at all and it feels wonderful on the skin. Though I do find, whilst it doesn't dry my skin out, it doesn't leave it as soft and hydrated as other Lush shower gels that contain more nourishing oils, so definitely follow it up with a good body lotion.

This is one of my ultimate Lush staples and will always be a favourite of mine, especially in the warmer months.

£4.50 / 100g
£8.95 / 250g
£15.45 / 500g

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Glossybox - July.

I heard about this box quite a while back and it's had me excited ever since. Packed with US beauty products and promising 4 full sizes.

July brings the 'American beauty heroes' stars and stripes box*.

Carmex - Lip Balm - Original
I have already blogged about Carmex countless times in the past. I adore it. This potted original is a nightly staple for me. The last thing I do before getting into bed is pop a generous layer over my lips. It gets to work overnight and I wake with up smooth, moisturised lips.

Bellapierre Cosmetics - Mineral Lipstick - Mandarina
This lipstick looks to be really great. It provides long lasting colour and claims to protect against the sun. Unfortunately the colour just isn't for me. I have a couple of orange lippies in my stash but since having red hair they really don't suit. Had this been a different colour, I'm sure I would have loved it.

Color Club - Nail Polish - Glossy Seal
I've always wanted to try Color Club as many US bloggers have raved about them. This really isn't a colour I'd wear as I prefer brights on my nails but it'll be passed along to someone who I know will love it more than myself.

Tarte - Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara
I've never used anything from Tarte but I've only ever heard good things. First thing I spotted when opening this box was this. It's in such a different looking tube for a mascara, which makes it stand out.
This does everything, - lengthens, curls, volumizes and conditions. Excited to see how it holds up on my crap excuse for eyelashes.

Absolute New York - Perfecting Eyeshadow Primer
This couldn't have come at a better time. I running out of my beloved Urban Decay Primer Potion. This is the same concept from what I can tell. A light, creamy formula with a doe foot applicator.
It claims to keep eyeshadow crease free and colour true.

I think the concept behind this box was quite well thought out. The detailing of the packaging, right down to the products. Whilst I do love Carmex, a part of me wishes it hadn't been included as it's something that's very easily accessible here. Instead they could have swapped it out for a lip balm that perhaps only the US carries.

Whilst I won't get use out of every product, this was a good box. Not my favourite of recent months but still a great selection of things, that I may not have bought otherwise.

£10 (plus p&p) per month
Subscriptions also available with discounts

Where to buy:

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Primark False Nails - French.

If there's one thing that never fails to make me feel better about myself, it's getting my nails done. But the maintenance of acrylics every couple of weeks soon racks up. 

Whilst on a break from them I came across the wonder that is Primark falsies. At just £1 a pair, I was left wondering if they could really be that great. Especially since on the high street you can pay anything between £5 - £10 for similar styles that Primark have.

For £1 I decided I didn't really have much to lose, especially since nowadays there's not much you can get for £1.

I decided not to use the glue that was included as I'd been warned it wasn't that great. Instead I opted for a more nail friendly option, some extra strong adhesive tabs from Elegant Touch. Which claim to last up to 7 days if applied correctly.

I applied these a few days before IMATS and they lasted me a full 4 days. Before I did a naughty and picked them off because I was feeling slightly anxious.

They were really easy to apply. I chose the tab that best fit my nail, applied it to the clean nail bed, making sure to firmly press it on. Peeled off the backing and applied the false nail, again making surely to firmly press it on. I experienced no air bubbling or the like. The marks on my ring finger nail are blemishes on my actual nail.

Whilst I don't feel they're as heavy duty as acrylics. I managed to go about my day to day activities without feeling like a nail might pop off at any given moment. There were times when I could feel them give a slight wiggle, as if they were going to lift. But they firmly stayed in place until I took them off.

I had so many compliments on them and no one could believe they were only (as I've said so many times already) £1. I can spend upwards of £25 for a full set of acrylics, and £15 for infills. These are a great option if you like the false nail look but not the price tag it comes with.

I definitely plan on picking up a few more pairs I've had my eye on.

Nails - £1
Adhesive tabs - £2.49

Where to buy:
Nails - Primark
Adhesive tabs - Boots and Superdrug

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London IMATS 2014 - The Goodies.

One of my favourite bits about such a massive event such as IMATS, is seeing what everyone purchased at the show.

Being last year was my first, I will admit I did go a bit crazy. I do use the majority of what I got so that's redeeming. This year I spent half as much, still got a lot of things but I opted for more wearable products. I will make wearing glitter a thing, I will!

I picked up everything that was on my wishlist for this year. I didn't get a chance to check out the NYX Macroon lippies but they didn't have them. And somehow I managed to miss the small Beauty B Cosmetics stand, I would have loved to see the Melt Cosmetics lipsticks in person.

Anyway, on to the pretties ...

From Sugarpill I got the Cold Chemistry palette. Last year I got the Pro palette but I wanted to try something that was more wearable for everyday. Plus I love the shattered looking packaging.

I also picked up a loose eyeshadow but was unfortunately, given the wrong shade so I sold it.

From NARS I got Hungry Heart blush duo. I haven't really dabbled all that much in the brand but I've been keen to try their blushes. This looks more light highlighters than blushes but we shall see.

From the Love Makeup stand I picked up a Lime Crime lipstick. I absolutely dislike the brand. The owner, the ethics - I just do not agree with the way they run things.
Upon swatching D'Lilac it was love at first sight. It's the most perfect lavender shade.

From OCC I picked up the newly launched Tarred + Feathered tip balm duo. This was the first product they created and to celebrate 10 years of OCC, they've bought it back.
You use it underneath lip tars (or any lip products for that matter) to lighten or darken the shade.

From The Dune Generation collection I picked up Off World stained gloss, a lovely pearlescent pink.

Right before IMATS I purchased a couple new lip tars from Love Makeup but thought I'd include them. From the Plastic Passion collection I picked up Mannequin and Rollergirl.

The Make Up For Ever foundation stand was impossible to get near. I ended up picking up the HD foundation from PAM. They colour matched me to 117 Marble, which I'm a little unsure of as my previous bottle is 115 but we shall see.

I also got one of my favourite lip products EVER. The Aqua Rouge line is so so good. I picked up a couple last year and they are amazing for wearing all day, they don't budge at all. I opted for one of the newest additions, 16 Fuschia.

My last stop before I left and bought on a total whim, was Eye Kandy glitters. I got a 6 set along with a bottle of the adhesive - Liquid Sugar.
Glitters are Gum Drop, Confetti, Butterscotch, Spearmint, Icing and Sour Grape.

Also not properly photographed is the Royal & Langnickel Love Is Patience 13 piece brush set. It's absolutely beautiful and I will have a post on that shortly.

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London IMATS 2014 - The Weekend.

Unfortunately IMATS is over and done with for another year. Sad times! As I said in a previous post, it came around really quickly and it was gone just as fast. I can't believe it was a week ago! It seems like just yesterday I was venturing across London to get to Kensington Olympia.

Due to many different reasons I only ended up being able to attend the Saturday.
Last year was my first year, I attended both days and was there for the majority of the time it was open. This year we (LeanneSheenie and myself) were out of there by lunchtime, which we were all quite surprised about.

This year IMATS went back to its roots and was primarily focused on make artistry. There weren't talks on how to grow your blog and there weren't (to my knowledge) people screaming and crying over meeting their YouTube idol.
Being allowed into IMATS without being a professional in the industry is a wonderful thing and one we shouldn't take for granted.

I didn't end up taking many photos as it was quite crowded around the stands, so trying to get remotely close enough to get decent photos was a challenge in itself. I snapped a few and then popped my camera away for the rest of the day and enjoyed it as much as I could.


Sugarpill exhibited for the first time and though their stand was on the small side, it was so lovely that Amy Doan aka Shrinkle was doing a 'meet and greet' of sorts with fans.
We had a lovely little chat beforehand, in which she'd complimented my lip colour. It was actually seeing OCC lip tar in Rollergirl on her IG that made me want to buy it to wear along to IMATS!
She was absolutely lovely and it was a pleasure to meet her.

Overall I had a really good day at IMATS and hope to spend the weekend there again next year.

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