365 Blog Topic Ideas - Dana Fox.

When you've been blogging for over six years, you'll have most definitely come across a point where you just don't know what to post about. Throw some depression into the mix and you can have some serious writers block on your hands, or should that be typers block?

Of course there's plenty of tags floating around there but I find a lot of them to be a little bit samey. So when I first heard about this book on Dana's blog The Wonder Forest, I couldn't have been more excited. Over 300 blog post ideas? That most have taken some serious time to think of all those. Props to Dana!

I went through the book recently and tabbed all the ones that I really liked the idea of. The great thing with these ideas is that even if you aren't a lifestyle blogger, the topics can totally be adapted to your niche.

I thought I'd share a few with you just so you can get a feel for the book.

- List the benefits of something you do for your own well being (tip: yoda, tea drinking, meditation).

- Behind the scenes of your blog.

- 5 ways you can turn a bad day around.

- 3 lessons you learned from your mum (or other maternal person).

Towards the back of the book there's also a seasonal section, which is great for the holidays and those end of year posts.

I can't wait to get stuck in with some of the ideas in this book and start posting some of them on here. I think the book is a really useful tool and I shall be getting a lot of use out of it. It's definitely worth picking up if you've just started out with blogging or you're looking for some new ideas to keep things going.


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