Lush Lip Scrub - Popcorn.

On a recent trip to Guildford I found myself in Lush. I was only intending on getting a face mask but you know how they always have those tubs of things at the till? Yeah, well I realised I should probably bin my current scrub and pick up a fresh one.

Since I've had both Mint Julips and the Bubblegum scrub in the past, I decided to opt for the Popcorn addition. The Popcorn scrub was a limited edition a few Christmases ago but it seems Lush decided to get rid of Sweet Lips (a chocolate scrub) and replace it with this in the permanent line up.

What says:
Popcorn makes sure your lips are the main feature thanks to the special effects of coconut oil, sugar and sea salt. You'll be ready for your close-up once Popcorn’s sugar, sea salt and polenta combine with coconut and jojoba oils to buff and prime your lips – without leaving a film. Just gently rub the popping candy-sweet scrub onto your lips with a clean finger, and your Hollywood smile is all set.

I will say before I start this, I know so many other bloggers have posts on how to make your own DIY versions for less. But in all honesty, I can't be bothered and it's just too messy. 

Anyway, on with the review! The scent of this scrub is pretty inoffensive, being neither too sweet or sickly. The scent comes from the two oils used in it, jojoba and coconut.

When using these scrubs, Lush say you can just pop it on your lips, rub all over and then lick it off. They've really got the taste of popcorn with this one. First of all you're hit with a salty sweetness, then you have the buttery flavour, finished off with just a touch more salt. Yummy! I haven't noticed any popping candy, though that is the second to last ingredient on the list.

Like all Lush scrubs, I find they get rid of any trace of dry or dead skin. It makes a perfect addition to my evening routine. I use the Popcorn scrub, followed by a slick of balm before bed and I wake up with super soft lips, that will look perfect with any lipstick be it glossy or matte.

If you haven't tried the lip scrubs, I can definitely recommend them. They do exactly what they're supposed to and are quite a bit cheaper than a lot of high end brands. Sara Happ lip scrubs are £19 for 30g of product. It also contains petroleum jelly which has mineral oil in it. Anyway, I'm getting off topic. As we all know, Lush is cruelty free. They use fresh ingredients (no nasties here) and all their current lip scrubs are vegan.

£5.50 / 25g

Where to buy:

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