Frenchies Dessert Parlour - Camberley.

Today I thought I'd review something a little different. It's something I've always had in mind so no time like the present.

Last year one of my work friends informed me that an amazing place had opened up in Camberley, like nothing around here. Serving up waffles, gelato, milkshakes and all sorts of wonderful treats. So we paid it a visit and it's been a love affair ever since.

So what is Frenchies? Back at the end of 2013, Lucy Bass was talking to her family about a business idea she had. Fast forward to April 2014, after lots of hard work and many sleepless nights she was opening the doors to Frenchies to the general public.

When first entering the restaurant you're greeted with a big ice cream cabinet full of all different colours and flavours of gelato and sorbet. A waitress will quickly get you seated, explaining the menu if you haven't been before. After giving you a reasonable amount of time to take everything in and try and narrow down what you'd like, they'll be back to take your order.

This is the perfect chance to take in the surroundings. The floor is classic checkered black and white. The eating area though compact, doesn't feel cramped because you're seated in a booth, giving you a little more privacy. There's also the choice of eating outside, having a window seat or sitting at one of the bars.

The bottom half of the walls are decorated with textured, black paper covered in holographic glitter. Whilst the top is painted white it's covered with iconic quotes, framed vintage movie posters and there's always an old film being projected onto one of the walls. Over the doorway it's full of registration plates from all around the US. I love that thought has gone into every little detail. They've succeeded in giving it an American diner feel.

Moving onto the good stuff - the menu. There's only one savoury item available, an American hot dog. But where Frenchies really shines is through their desserts. They do a range of waffles, sundaes, crepes, sorbetto, gelato, cookie sandwiches, cakes and pastries.

There's many, many different flavours of gelato to choose from. Everything from Nutella to good old vanilla. Mint choc chip and classic strawberry - there's just far too many to list. This means that I can guarantee there's a waffle, sundae or crepe that will take your fancy. If not there's always the chance to create your own from different flavoured scoops of gelato, about a million different toppings ranging from fruit, nuts and a whole range of different sweets, treats and flavoured sauces.

They also have a seasonal additions, a breakfast menu, fondue, afternoon and cream teas. Plus they will cater to any food allergies you may have. They even have a gluten and wheat free waffle mix. But if you have your own they are more than happy for you to take it along and have them cook it for you. They also stock a range of diabetic ice creams.

After all that food you'll need to wash it down with something. Be that a bottomless soda, with the option of having a float. Or a premium milkshake, I can highly recommend the Ferrero Rocher! If you're feeling something a little less rich you could opt for a fruit smoothie or a range of different coffees, both iced and hot. But if you're there of an evening you could also treat yourself to a cocktail or two, or perhaps even a hard milkshake.

If that's not enough for you Frenchies is open to bookings for private functions in their room upstairs. Be that a birthday party, a work meeting or even a book club. They are more than happy to help you plan an event.
They also provide different groups on a daily and weekly basis for little ones. Which all come with a small, iced treat for them.

A Whole Lotta Coffee waffle - £4.95
This is the waffle that my mum favours most when she visits. It's topped with dolce latte gelato and whipped cream, sprinkled with chocolate coated coffee beans and flaked milk chocolate shavings. Finished with a generous drizzle of chocolate and caramel sauce.

Tutti Frutti waffle - £5.95
Since I've been visiting Frenchies and what with such an expansive menu, I always try something different. In the past I've had the Blue Moon and Nutella Dream waffles, just to name a few. I've never managed to finish them completely because they are definitely for those with an extremely sweet tooth.
I had in mind that I was going to go for The Canadian but with what such lovely weather I opted for something on the fruity and fresh side.
The Tutti Frutti waffle is topped with tutti frutti gelato which even has small pieces of jelly sweets mixed in with it. It comes with a generous helping of fresh fruit, which you can choose. I went for pineapple, strawberries and kiwi. Finished with whipped cream and a selection of sauces that are the same flavour as the fruit you go for.
It's delicious and refreshing and my first one that I'd managed to finish since it's not too sickly. I didn't want it to end. Perfect! I think this might become a favourite.

A little while after opening, Creams moved in right down the road. It seems people have naturally compared the two, though I must say I am unable to as I've never ventured into Creams myself. Personally I don't think there's any competition. Frenchies is a small, locally run business and I will continue to give them my custom. Over the first few months of opening they had some bumps in the road, which may have put people off but I think all businesses suffer with them, even more so if you're not a chain and you're just doing it on your own.

I cannot recommend Frenchies highly enough. I have been many different times and I will always go back for more. Their waffles are wonderful and the toppings are plentiful. If you're in the surrounding area or perhaps just having a day out in Camberley, put Frenchies on your to do list. I promise you won't regret it.

Sorry for waffling on (geddit?) and for that terrible pun, I just had to. I'd also like to point out that whilst this review may look sponsored, the money came out of my own pocket. It's just such a delicious place to eat I couldn't help but rave about it. 

Where to find them:
35 Obelisk Way
The Mall
GU15 3SG

01276 683870

Opening hours:
10AM to 10PM - 7 days a week

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