Patisserie De Bain Sweet As Cherry Pie Hand Cream.

Is it just me or did May go past extremely quickly? I blogged a lot less than I intended to but I'm hoping in June I can post every other day and get back to a proper blogging schedule, regardless of my full time job.

Anyway! I'm always on the look out for new hand creams, especially ones that have a wonderful scent to them. I always have at least one permanently in my handbag and another in my locker at work. With the rest dotted around the house.

Just recently I came across the Patisserie De Bain collection from Rose & Co. I've always seen them online but wanted to see what they were like in person. They currently have five scents to choose from - Strawberry Cupcake, Sugared Violet, Cranberries & Cream, Lemon Bon-Bon and Sweet As Cherry Pie.

I knew I wouldn't be that bigger fan of the former 3 so it was between lemon and cherry. I quite liked the lemon, it had a slight sherbet scent to it but after a while it reminded me of kitchen cleaner.

Sweet As Cherry Pie is perfect. It has a rich cherry scent with just a smidge of vanilla. It reminds me somewhat of a bakewell tart, delicious!

You barely need any effort with this cream. Just a quick rub of the hands and it'll sink right in without leaving any residue or greasiness behind. Which makes it perfect when you're on the go. It'll leave your hands feeling extremely soft and smelling rather delicious.

The packaging stands out amongst the plain white tubes that most hand creams seem to come in. So if you're looking for a new hand cream, I can't recommend these enough. Not only do they look cute and smell amazing, they're really great at keeping your hands in tip top condition.

£3.99 / 50ml

Where to buy:

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