Life With A Sprinkle Of Glitter - Louise Pentland.

I have to say I didn't think I'd be writing a review on a 'blogger' book. There seems to be a lot of bloggers and YouTubers releasing books lately. Lots of people love it but many people hate it. To me it seems a little like celebrity fragrance - just putting your name on something and getting money for it. Especially with the fact that people have used ghost writers, which is not a new thing.

Anyway, when I saw how beautiful this book was and such a bargain, I couldn't pass it up.

When I first started looking through this book I thought it was aimed more at teenagers because it has things to do with bullying and boys. Progressing through the book you find chapters on setting up your new home and how to bond with your newborn.

I haven't read the entire book but I've gone all the way through and the inside is so well thought out. Each page is adorned with sequins, glitter, cute little illustrations and the most perfect photos. I tried not to photograph too much as I didn't want to spoil the inside, just give you a little glimpse at how gorgeous it is.

The book in itself is written in the same tone as Louise's blog. It's like you're reading something from a friend. Though the writing is well structured she's not afraid to go off on a little tangent, like we all do!

Not only is this book aesthetically pleasing, it's has a range of sections in it for all different parts of your life. Whilst being a light and easy read. Something I wouldn't necessarily of bought but once flicking through, I couldn't resist.

£12.99 (currently £6.49 at WHSmith)

Where to buy:
Waterstones and WHSmith