London IMATS 2015 - The Goodies.

I think one of my favourite things about IMATS is seeing what everyone got. I'm usually not a massive fan of hauls, though it depends on what it is. But I think with such a large collection of brands and products, sometimes you can miss things. So it's always interesting to see what others were most drawn to and ended up picking up.

 So what goodies did I manage to bag? ...

Got to have a little bit of IMATS merch. The lipstick is actually a pen. Marc Jacobs have done one similar in the past but it was probably a little more than the £3 price tag of this one.

I really should drink more water but it's so boring. I know it's not meant to be exciting but perhaps having this bottle will encourage me to use it. It seems well made (out of metal) and looks as though it holds around a litre.

From Urban Decay I picked up a new Primer Potion as I've been using the dregs of an old one for ages.

I knew beforehand that I wanted three shadows from the 'Summer Nights' collection as they are crazy duochromes. I picked up Fireball, Tonic and Lounge.

Plus a De-Slick spray because I thought this would control oil better than a powder as it won't look so cakey.

From Sugarpill I picked up two pigments. Lumi, which I did get last year but they ended up giving me the wrong one and I didn't realise until I got home. Along with Grand Tiara because everyone needs a good silver eyeshadow!

I've been meaning to get the Sparkle Baby palette for such a long time, I don't see me getting much use out of Hotsy Totsy but the other shades are so gorgeous.

Finally I picked up one of their nail polishes that have recently launched. Unfortunately due to shipping regulations only those in the US can purchase these through the Sugarpill website. I went for Electric Halo which is a gorgeous holographic glitter.

I can't remember which stand was stocking a few OCC Lip Tars (could have been Guru Makeup Emporium?) but I managed to get Technopagan. I've been lusting after this metallic blurple for such a long time.

One of the things high up on my list was the new addition to the MUFE Aqua line, the Aqua Matic eye crayons. Can be used as an eyeliner, a base or even as an eyeshadow. Once set they will not budge. I opted for Iridescent Pop Purple and Iridescent Electric Blue.

Zoeva seem to be everyone's go to brushes lately. For the longest time I've been lusting after the Hot Pink Elements Complete Eye Set. Love Makeup had such a good deal on it I couldn't pass it up. Usually the set is around £57 but I managed to snag the 12 brush set for just £45. I cannot wait to try these. You get a fantastic selection and they're all ridiculously soft.

I ended up getting two single brushes. One of which is from Crown, the C149 Small Round Contour and it's super tiny, looks like it's going to be fabulous for the crease. Along with a 318 soft angle brush from Zoeva. It's soft but sturdy, without being too hard. It's just the perfect angled brush.

Last but by no means least I ended up getting a Beautiful Brows kit. It includes a brow powder (I was matched to the shade dark brown), highlight, stencils, magnifying mirror, tweezer and 2 brushes, one of which is double ended. I wasn't planning on getting this but one of the girls at the stand insisted on trying it out on me and I absolutely loved the results. They looked perfect and it's so easy to use.

I feel like I picked up more this year than previously. The majority of things except the brow palette, I'd had my eye on for a while and what better way to get them than when they're heavily discounted.

In all honesty I'm really pleased with everything I got and I can't wait to start using them. But which do I go for first?! So many decisions.

I'm sure I'll have reviews to follow shortly.

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