My Little French Riviera Box.

I'd already had this post typed up but the internet or Blogger decided to eat it and I lost it. *sigh* So I'm trying to remember what it was I wrote.

With summer well under way My Little Box brings us a 'French Riviera' theme for June.

Sunglasses - Sarah Lavoine x My Little Box
I wasn't expecting something like this in a monthly subscription box but what a lovely addition. Though the sunglasses don't suit my face shape, I've seen a lot of people saying they've got lots of wear out of these.

Planters Duo
These are something I've not seen before. I haven't used them yet but they're not only for housing plants. You can store a whole multitude of things in them. Crayons, makeup brushes, your go to face products. The list is endless.

My Little Beauty - Sea Salt Fresh Scrub
£8.50 / 75ml
Being well into summer a good exfoliator is always handy. Whether it's just to get rid of any dry skin or prepping yourself for a tan.
This reminds me of Rub Rub Rub from Lush but a little less coarse but a good salty scrub. The scent is light, fresh and will bring back memories of being at the beach.

Kérastase - Nectar Thermique Blow Dry Care
£19.50 / 150ml
When first seeing this I thought it was a conditioner. It's actually a leave in treatment containing royal jelly. It keeps hair smooth and soft whilst also keeping it hydrated. It also protects against heat styling and claims to half blow drying time. I haven't tried it yet but since I have such thick hair, if something shortens drying time, I will be most pleased.

Loved By Sarah Lavoine - Nail Polish - 501
£6.50 / 11ml
Just as a word of warning, don't try to swatch nail polish on the hottest day of the year so far. It'll end up being a bubbly uneven mess. I tried more times than I care to remember to get a good swatch of this but it wasn't happening.
It's such a gorgeous teal colour that fits really well with the boxes colours this month. Opaque in one coat but best to follow it up with another just to even everything out.

I've been getting this subscription for quite a few months now and I couldn't be happier with it. I feel like it's different from other boxes as it has a reoccuring theme. It's very french focused and always uses the same beautiful illustrations. So whilst the theme the box focuses on changes from month to month, overall each box continues within the little theme that MLB have set up. If that makes any sense at all.

What I love about this month is that they've popped in a couple of things you wouldn't usually find in a subscription box, such as the sunnies and the planters. The glasses are a perfect addition to a summery box and the planters are multi purpose and really handy to use for different things.

I love this little french treating showing up at my door once a month, with a mixture of both beauty and lifestyle items and can't wait to see what the next box is like.

£11 (plus p&p) per month

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