The Body Shop - Virgin Mojito Body Splash.

With the warmer weather in full swing, fragrances tend to get a little fresh and lighter. When I saw this new launch in The Body Shop I just had to give it a sniff.

Virgin Mojito is the limited edition summer range that comes in a shower gel, body scrub, body butter and a body sorbet. Along with the brand new addition of a body splash which is what I picked up.

This brings a completely new and different way to apply fragrance. The best way to apply it is to pour a little into your palm and press or tap it into the skin. It gives a wonderfully cooling sensation. It dries as soon as it's on the skin leaving behind it's delicious scent.

Virgin Mojito is the perfect summer fragrance. It's scented with extracts of Caribbean lime and mint which makes it refreshing and zingy. Unlike regular perfumes though alcohol is the first ingredient on the list you can't actually smell it. Sometimes I find perfume has to develop a little before you really get a feel for it. As soon as you open the bottle you're hit with the sweet, citrusy lime with a dash of mint. It almosts smells good enough to drink though I don't advise it.

Because it's a body splash and not an eau de toilette/parfum the scent only lasts for a couple of hours, which is a shame as I really love this. Since you get such a large amount of product you can always reapply it throughout the day. Also on a quick note, the bottle is made from plastic so you can pop in your handbag or suitcase and not have to worry about it smashing, which makes it great for travelling!

It's a shame this is a limited edition range as it's really lovely. If you are tempted by citrusy fragrances, check this one out before it disappears off the shelves for good.

£16 / 300ml

Where to buy:
The Body Shop

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