Yankee Candle - Juicy Watermelon.

For as long as I can remember I've been lusting after this fragrance but it seemed to be long retired. Imagine my surprise when I happened to come across it on the Very website. It was also on a few UK Yankee stockist sites as a special appearance but it quickly sold out so I'm glad I picked it up. At time of writing it's still in stock on Very.

I feel like I should mention that Yankee Candle UK have decided to raise their prices from July 1st. You can see their statement here.

The price increases are as follows:
Large jar - £21.99 (previously £19.99)
Medium jar - £18.99 (£16.99)
Small jar - £8.99 (£7.99)

I think it's pretty annoying that stockists have bumped up the prices already of all existing stock. When I would have thought the prices would be on any future releases. What I think infuriates me more is that Yankee Candle practically give them away in the US. With offers such as 4 for $44 which is currently equal to £28.63.

So Yankee Candle - you're telling me you expect me to pay almost £22 for one large candle when Americans can get 4 large jars for just a few pounds more. Are you actually kidding me?!

Enough negativity, though it really has riled me up. Onto the candle!

With the scorching days of summer comes the craving for watermelon. These watermelon candles will cool your mind without juice dripping down your chin.

I absolutely adore anything that's melon scented. It's not the most popular of scents but one I always get if I can. It tends to have a clean, fresh scent with a slight sweetness to it.

Juicy Watermelon is the perfect candle for summer. It's light and fruity and really captures the true scent of melons. It has a very slight artificial edge to it but the throw is really strong with this one. You can smell it before you even remove the lid.

If you like something for the warmer months, definitely check this out.


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