Yankee Candle - Love Is In The Air.

Though the weather has warmed up a significant amount I still like to burn a candle of an evening. I just find something so relaxing about having the lights off, the soft glow and the lovely scent of a candle making it's way around the room.

For Yankee Candle's spring collection they released two limited edition fragrances, available in all wax formats.

Pink Grapefruit is as you would expect. Bright, full of citrus and really summery. I don't like eating grapefruits but this really makes my mouth water.

Red Raspberry is not as sweet as I'd imagined, it has a slight tang to it. It's definitely more of a sweeter scent than the previous. It's a really true raspberry scent.

Both scents are natural scents rather than smelling too artificial and have a really strong throw.

If you're looking for a more light, fruity fragrance for summer I can highly recommend these. But be quick, before they disappear!

I picked these up from QVC, I forget if they were on an offer but they're currently £33.50 for the set of two large jars. So if you fancy picking them both up that would be your best place to get them.


Where to buy:

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