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10 Things About Me.

1. Anyone that knows me, knows that I have a bit of an addiction to the fizzy stuff. I know, I know! It's probably not the best thing to drink but everyone has a vice and it's mine. My favourite is definitely the Cherry Vanilla Coca Cola from Five Guys. But on a day to day basis I tend to drink Cherry Pepsi Max as it's more Slimming World friendly.

2. I've suffered with depression for the longest time and I've been open about it with the internet. I don't believe people should be afraid of these things. I understand why people don't want to talk about it, people can be so cruel about mental health issues. But I also think it's important because it can really help others. I felt so bad about it when I was first diagnosed but I always remind myself that it's a chemical imbalance. As for meds, I've been on citalopram a few times in the past and I find it stopped working for me, I'm now currently on sertraline which I much prefer.

3. I wear a lot of red, including my hair so people naturally assume it's my favourite colour. It isn't and I'd have different coloured hair if work would allow it. My favourite colours tend to be bright blues, turquoise and bright greens. Since I don't think holographic rainbow counts as a colour.

4. I don't like the way I write or word things, and I find it a real struggle to get out what it is I want to say. Such as now.

5. I fell in love once. I still am. I'm currently single and nothing hurts more so than heartbreak.

7. I spend quite a bit of time by myself. Sometimes I just can't handle being around people, I find it overwhelming. I feel silly even typing this actually but it's hard to put into words.

8. I'm very much an all or nothing person. I've always seen a quote that rings so true - 'I either eat too much or starve myself. Sleep for 14 hours have insomniac nights. Fall in love very hard or hate passionately. I don't know what grey is. I never did'.

9. I've spent my life, for as long as I can remember (and even when I was very young) living with a cat in the house. Cats have become very comforting to me, especially when I can't sleep. Having my little fur babies lying on the spare pillow, purring away always seems to settle me. Proper ol' cat lady I am!

10. I'm 26 but I still feel like I'm in my early twenties. I feel like I should be doing this, this and this at my age, because it's what people expect. But then I remember that I should live my life the way I want to.

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Original Source Skin Quench - Lime & Coconut Oil.

It's not often I repurchase body lotions as there's always something new that I want to try. I saw these new lotions that Original Source have added to their line up when I was queuing at Boots, the brightly coloured tubes really caught my attention.

New Original Source Skin Quench Lime and Coconut Oil. In an instant moisturising body lotion to help leave your skin feeling quenched, nourished and revitalised. Packed with moisturising natural oils, 100% natural fragrance and vegan approved.

I love all things coconut scented and with the addition of sweet lime, it really gives you a feel for summer. Upon first smelling it you get the fresh coconut, then you have the after scent of lime. The lime reminds me of green jelly or sweet limeade. Good enough to eat! The two mixed together create the perfect summery scent.

I generally favour lotions over butters as I find body butters take forever to sink into my skin. This lotion is light and thin, it takes barely any effort for it to be absorbed. Leaving behind a subtle scent and super smooth skin.

I adore everything about this. The simple eye catching packaging, the delicious scent and how well it leaves my skin feeling soft and supple. If you're looking for something light and fresh this is definitely worth checking it out.

It also comes in 3 other scents. Peach and apricot oil, watermelon and jojoba oil and lastly, pineapple and moringa oil.

£4.49 / 200ml

Where to buy:

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New In: Makeup Revolution.

For the longest time I've been wanting to pick up some bits from Makeup Revolution. They've taken the blogging world by storm. Especially because they've duped a lot of high end products for just a fraction of the price.

I've wanted the Naked 2 palette for such a long time but for £38, it comes with a pretty hefty price tag. I decided to pick up the Iconic 2 (Naked 2 dupe) and the Iconic 3 (Naked 3 dupe) palettes at just £4 each.

They also do a range of heart shaped baked blushes not too dissimilar to Too Faced (£24). I opted for the Goddess Of Love highlight for a mere £4.99.

Lastly I decided to get the Depraved lipstick because I love purple lips and it was such a bargain at £1! You can't get much for a quid nowadays.

I'm really excited to see how these products perform considering their low price tags.

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Glossybox - March.

It's been quite a bit of time since I reviewed a Glossybox but today I have for you the 'Step Into Spring' box*.

Naobay - Moisturizing Peeling
£13.71 / 100ml
It's been a long time since I used anything other than an acid exfoliator. This is a light cleansing milk with peeling particles from acai palm tree. It's advised to use this without much pressure, just to give a very gentle polishing.
It also contains olive oil, shea butter and sweet almond oil. Making the scrub smell sweet and fresh.

Dove Advanced Hair Series - Youthful Vitality Shampoo & Conditioner
£5.99 / 250ml
For all that I put my hair through, it's in really good condition so I shall be passing these onto someone who can make better use of them than I would.

Essence - Lash Prince Volume Mascara
£3.30 / 12ml
Essence is a really affordable brand that's finally made it's way over to the UK. The packaging on this stands out amongst other mascaras. It reminds me of something from Anna Sui.

ncLA - Nail Lacquer - I Only Fly Private
£13 / 15ml
This polish is a great shade leading into the warmer months. I've seen it described as not quite orange, not quite coral. It definitely has a melon creme look to it.
Apparently this is their best selling shade, a quick drying neon pastel.

Sleek MakeUP - Pout Paint - Port
£4.99 / 8ml
When I first saw the name of this I dismissed it as I thought it would be a deep burgundy/brown shade, which isn't my thing at all. I was pleasantly surprised upon trying it, it's a really deep, rich pink with just a slight hint of purple.
Pout Paints are very much like OCC Lip Tars in that a little bit goes a really long way.

This box has a great mix of things, hair care, skin care and a little bit of colour. I especially love the Pout Paint and the scrub.
It's quite surprising to see 4 full size products in this months box. Definitely one of my favourites in a little while.

£10 (plus p&p) per month
Subscriptions also available with discounts

Where to buy:

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Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub.

I'm going to admit something that I probably shouldn't. But when it comes to body care, I can get really lazy with exfoliating. It's just one of those extra steps that can get easily overlooked.

I've been wanting this for ages but never picked it up but I can never resist a good 3 for 2 offer.

What www.boots.com says:
With organic cupuacu bio scrubs, bananas, almond and honey extracts and a new maple fragrance!

More soften than not: scoop out a handful of scrub, rub it between your palms, then scrub in circles onto damp skin.

A super skin-softening blend of:
Golden sugar scrub particles
Natural organic cupuacu bio scrubs
Gentle oatmeal grains
Banana, almond and honey extract
Shea butter

First thing that drew me to this was the size. It comes in big 300ml tub, making it easy to use and really great value.

Then we have the scent. It's not overly strong, it's really rather subtle. But it's a deliciously sweet maple scent that isn't too sickly.

But the real question is how does it perform. When you first scoop it out of the tub it has a close, sticky texture. More than likely from the honey, sugar, banana and oatmeal. It's a scrubby exfoliator without being too gritty. I find with sand and salt scrubs they can be a little too harsh on the skin. I can also find that with sugar and salt scrubs, as soon as water touches them they granules start disintegrating. Not with this! It stays 'scrubby' until you wash it away.

Not only does it work great for getting rid of any dry skin on your body, I've also used this on my hands and it works surprisingly well on them also. It's a great all rounder, though I wouldn't recommend it on your face.

£8 / 300ml

Where to buy:

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365 Blog Topic Ideas - Dana Fox.

When you've been blogging for over six years, you'll have most definitely come across a point where you just don't know what to post about. Throw some depression into the mix and you can have some serious writers block on your hands, or should that be typers block?

Of course there's plenty of tags floating around there but I find a lot of them to be a little bit samey. So when I first heard about this book on Dana's blog The Wonder Forest, I couldn't have been more excited. Over 300 blog post ideas? That most have taken some serious time to think of all those. Props to Dana!

I went through the book recently and tabbed all the ones that I really liked the idea of. The great thing with these ideas is that even if you aren't a lifestyle blogger, the topics can totally be adapted to your niche.

I thought I'd share a few with you just so you can get a feel for the book.

- List the benefits of something you do for your own well being (tip: yoda, tea drinking, meditation).

- Behind the scenes of your blog.

- 5 ways you can turn a bad day around.

- 3 lessons you learned from your mum (or other maternal person).

Towards the back of the book there's also a seasonal section, which is great for the holidays and those end of year posts.

I can't wait to get stuck in with some of the ideas in this book and start posting some of them on here. I think the book is a really useful tool and I shall be getting a lot of use out of it. It's definitely worth picking up if you've just started out with blogging or you're looking for some new ideas to keep things going.


Where to buy:

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Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo.

For as long as I can remember Batiste has always had my heart. You can see a previous review of the cherry addition here. I adore the different scents and the funky designs on the tins. But something has always niggled at me, I wouldn't say it was an annoyance as such. Since I have such brightly coloured hair Batiste would always leave that typical white cast on my hair. I know they do a red version but I preferred to buy the large cans as it's better value for money.

A very good friend of mine (who also has a blog - go check out Christine here) has been raving about this since forever. So I decided it was about time I tried it to see what all the fuss is about.

What www.boots.com says:
Didn’t hear the alarm? Running late? Hair got the greasies? No probs. This Aussie Mega Instant Miracle Dry Shampoo you’re now clutching is your saviour! No shower required. Just a burst of Mega Instant and a bit of brush-out brings instant, just-washed Aussie-ness and fragrance to your hair. Now if only you hadn’t put two mismatching shoes on. It contains Jojoba Seed Extract that was used for centuries by the indigenous Australians as it was believed to naturally condition hair.

First thing I noticed about this shampoo was that it's wet. Considering I've only ever really used Batiste which is a white powder, this was really strange to me. As it's a completely clear spray it eliminates the white cast on the hair that you can get from other dry shampoos. It comes with a fresh, clean scent that isn't overbearing.

Before use give the can a good shake, then just spray into your roots, massage well and brush out.

Don't you hate those days when you have freshly washed hair and you're trying to style it but it doesn't want to cooperate? This dry shampoo is perfect for that. A little spritz on your roots and you hair becomes more manageable. It's also great for combating excess oil, exactly like it says it will. Great for those days when you're in a hurry and don't have time for a full wash and blow dry.

It comes in both a 65ml size which is a perfect trial size to see if you like it. It's also great for keeping in your bag without taking up too much space. If you're after something to keep on your dressing table, Boots do a 180ml size for £4.99, which is often on the 3 for £10 offer, which is really great value!

I think I might just be a convert, sorry Batiste. You served me well for a number of years but I honestly prefer my Aussie counterpart.

65ml / £2.29

Where to buy:
Boots, Sainsbury's and Superdrug

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Real Techniques Nic's Picks Brush Set.

I love Real Techniques brushes, they're super affordable and really great quality. When you opt for cheaper brushes sometimes the quality isn't quite there but that's not the case with these at all.

As soon as I saw these I knew I had to get them, the shiny mirrored handles were calling out to me. As it goes, I purchased it for myself but I was also gifted a set for Christmas so I have two, even better!

Duo-Fiber Face Brush - These kinds of brushes are great for lightweight application with blush and powder. They pick up just the right amount of product without overloading your brush, so it's perfect for those that are heavy handed with their blush.

Cheek Brush -  This is quite similar to the Expert Face Brush but I've yet to try it with foundation. This is great for me as I don't like adding too much blush. It's got a small enough brush head to apply blush just where you want it.

Angled Shadow Brush - A lot of people tend to dislike this shape of brush. I really like it for blending out crease colour once it's been applied. Especially if you're going for a really light look, it blends it out effortlessly.

Base Shadow Brush - I've got a few of these brushes from Real Techniques and whilst I don't find they're very good at packing colour on the lid. They remind me of a less densely packed version of M.A.C's 217, which works great for blending out harsh lines. It's even useful at spot concealing.

Eyeliner Brush - Lastly we have the angled liner brush. I find this works great on the brows, both in applying colour and cleaning up afterwards with concealer. It also works really well with applying colour along the lower lash line. You can also use it to make sure your lipstick is really sharp.

I really like this set of brushes, it has a bit of everything it. You have something your base and something for the eyes, with one that can also be used on the lips.

What I love about Real Techniques brushes (bar the price point) is that not only do they perform really well, they wash just as good. They keep their shape once dried, retain their softness and they don't ever shed bristles.

Real Techniques are great if you're starting out with buying brushes or just adding to an already growing collection. I really recommend this set, it stands out amongst other plain brushes and it's really good at doing what it's supposed to.


Where to buy:
Boots, Feel Unique and Very

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Lush Lip Scrub - Popcorn.

On a recent trip to Guildford I found myself in Lush. I was only intending on getting a face mask but you know how they always have those tubs of things at the till? Yeah, well I realised I should probably bin my current scrub and pick up a fresh one.

Since I've had both Mint Julips and the Bubblegum scrub in the past, I decided to opt for the Popcorn addition. The Popcorn scrub was a limited edition a few Christmases ago but it seems Lush decided to get rid of Sweet Lips (a chocolate scrub) and replace it with this in the permanent line up.

What www.lush.co.uk says:
Popcorn makes sure your lips are the main feature thanks to the special effects of coconut oil, sugar and sea salt. You'll be ready for your close-up once Popcorn’s sugar, sea salt and polenta combine with coconut and jojoba oils to buff and prime your lips – without leaving a film. Just gently rub the popping candy-sweet scrub onto your lips with a clean finger, and your Hollywood smile is all set.

I will say before I start this, I know so many other bloggers have posts on how to make your own DIY versions for less. But in all honesty, I can't be bothered and it's just too messy. 

Anyway, on with the review! The scent of this scrub is pretty inoffensive, being neither too sweet or sickly. The scent comes from the two oils used in it, jojoba and coconut.

When using these scrubs, Lush say you can just pop it on your lips, rub all over and then lick it off. They've really got the taste of popcorn with this one. First of all you're hit with a salty sweetness, then you have the buttery flavour, finished off with just a touch more salt. Yummy! I haven't noticed any popping candy, though that is the second to last ingredient on the list.

Like all Lush scrubs, I find they get rid of any trace of dry or dead skin. It makes a perfect addition to my evening routine. I use the Popcorn scrub, followed by a slick of balm before bed and I wake up with super soft lips, that will look perfect with any lipstick be it glossy or matte.

If you haven't tried the lip scrubs, I can definitely recommend them. They do exactly what they're supposed to and are quite a bit cheaper than a lot of high end brands. Sara Happ lip scrubs are £19 for 30g of product. It also contains petroleum jelly which has mineral oil in it. Anyway, I'm getting off topic. As we all know, Lush is cruelty free. They use fresh ingredients (no nasties here) and all their current lip scrubs are vegan.

£5.50 / 25g

Where to buy:

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