Cocoa Couture Luxury Chocolates.

I'm just going to preface this post by saying I am in no way a food blogger. I mean, I love eating but I'm not that great at descriptions.

When I was gifted these chocolates I knew instantly they were Instagram-able. If that's even a thing?! Upon trying them I realised I had to do a post about them. I've had chocolates but these are something else. They're the perfect little gift for someone who likes chocolate and let's be real here, who doesn't?

Salted Caramel is topped with a milk chocolate swirl and crispy decorations. Underneath lies a gorgeous, thick caramel that sounds simple but it is truly delicious.

Red Berries Créme is a milk chocolate shell, dipped in white chocolate. Inside it's filled with the most delicious cream that reminds me of summer. It's refreshing and light with a creamy finish, all topped with a white chocolate swirl.

Banoffee Pie is shaped like a cupcake rather than a slice of pie, the bottom portion is thick, gooey banoffee flavoured caramel whilst the top has piped white chocolate, a drizzle of milk chocolate and some golden sprinkles just for good measure.

Raspberry Cheesecake is a milk chocolate shell, brimming with sweet raspberry cream which has a thick caramel like texture. All finished with white chocolate and sprinkles. Delicious!

Lemon Meringue Cheesecake has a thin milk chocolate shell which is generously dipped in white chocolate. Inside is the most wonderful cream, just the right amount of lemon and the slightly creamy tang that you get after eating lemon cheesecake. All topped with a drizzling of chocolate and a sprinkling of crushed meringue.

Dark Chocolate Ganache was donated to someone who actually appreciates and likes dark chocolate, I do not. However like the rest it's lovingly decorated and finished with silver sprinkles.

£5 / 100g

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