Flamingo Candles The Melt Crowd - January.

I love the start of a new month, it's like a mini imaginary fresh start. Plus it brings us a whole host of those new subscription goodies that arrive at our door once a month. 

Out of all of them I think The Melt Crowd from Flamingo Candles is the best purely because it's so different. So far I've only received one scent melt that I didn't like, out of half a years subscription I think that's pretty good going.

Each month Flamingo Candles send you a selection of eight melts. These can include collection previews and exclusive scents. If you love all things candle related, I can't recommend this subscription highly enough. It's such fantastic value. Not only do you get free delivery but each melt retails for £2 so it's a total steal!

BARE Cinnamon & Mandarin - This is from their new range of scents that are made using only 100% essential oils. I'm not big on cinnamon and I find it a bit overwhelming in this scent, it seems to lose any hint of the mandarin as it's overpowered by it. I usually love their melts but really dislike this one.

Crystal Mountain Water - Usually I tend to opt for sweet, foodie scents but these makes a nice change. It's light, fresh and seems to me like a more bathroom fragrance.

Whisky - I was quite surprised when I saw this. It's a warming fragrance that I'm finding difficult to describe. It's not as strong as I expected it to be, which is a good thing. Definitely one the men wouldn't mind using.

Pink Denim - Scented with powdery fresh florals, reminding me more of a spring time fragrance. But lovely nonetheless.

Coconut - I love anything coconut scented and this doesn't disappoint. It has a really fresh scent to it finishing with a sweet note that reminds me of almond.

Strawberry Jam - This melt has a definite strawberry scent that I've smelt in other candles before but it has a slight tartness to the finish. Which seems to take away the synthetic sweetness.

Baby Powder - As soon as I smelt this it evoked memories of being much younger, covering myself in plenty of white talc. It's a light fragrance that's really lovely.

BARE Orange & Lemongrass - After smelling the cinnamon one I decided I really didn't like it so was expecting the same from this. Couldn't have been more wrong. This is sweet and mouthwateringly citrusy. Delicious!

Raspberry & Salted Caramel - This was a bonus for having my 6th box, what a nice little surprise. I've been wanting to try this scent since before I even started my subscription. The caramel has hints of vanilla, alongside the raspberry it makes for a delicious creamy treat.

I didn't post about the December box but it was full of deliciously, rich Christmas scents. As we had out of the festive season fragrances turn a little lighter and that shows through with this box.

I really like them all besides the cinnamon one which I won't be using. But I can't wait to get started on the others.

At current Flamingo Candles are having a 50% off sale on their Christmas range along with some others. I absolutely adore Bah! Humbug, it's such a unique scent. You can also save 25% everything else with the code SALE25.


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